Get the Right ACCL for Uninterrupted Power Supply for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Power fluctuations and failure are common phenomena in India in most parts. Incessant power failure calls for the need for an alternative power supply in residential and commercial spaces. However, the challenge of changing power manually from one source to another is a major concern. To avoid this problem, the installation of ACCLs was initiated to eliminate human intervention in switching to an available power source.ACCL is an Automatic changeover current limiter, which is a completely automatic and micro-controller-based system of high precision. ACCL is intended to supply power loads in places where a backup generator is located to supply temporary power backup in case the utility supply fails. ACCLs are ideal for conserving energy from standby generators, especially used in multi-storied apartments, commercial spaces as well as industrial establishments.

If you are planning to utilize ACCL electrical in your residential or commercial space, you will get the best brands and superior-quality products at IBO. We have ACCLs from Havells and many other reputed brands. Besides ACCL and other electrical equipment, IBO also brings to you an extensive range of varied products and items for home improvement requirements.

ACCL and its Types

There are commonly two types of ACCL changeover switches used to transfer manual and electronic changeover. The manual changeover switches include a switch gear box and cutout fuse (also called connector fuse) which are used to transfer load between two sources. However, there are limitations to this switch as it has to be manually done by the maintenance supervisor or electrician. In this case, during a power outage, the technician has to switch the contacts manually from the mains terminal to the generator terminal and vice versa. This is not just risky in terms of equipment damage due to changeover overloading but could crack the ceramic insulator during the transfer process and may cause electric shock.

Alternatively, the automatic switching of the power supply from the utility supply to the generator and vice versa can be done through ACCL, which enables automatic power switching purposes. With the automatic changeover, you can eliminate the delay that is associated with manual operation and help transfer power back to the primary source or utility when the supply of power is restored.

Also, ACCL comes with an in-built step-loading feature. This feature helps protect the coils of generators and enhance their lifespan by reducing downtime.

Factors to Take Note of While Buying an ACCL

Here are some factors that you may consider while looking for an ACCL:

  1. Safety – You must buy environment-friendly and secure FR body materials to ensure the safety
  2. Technical support – Ensure to buy from the company/brand that allows technical support during installation and beyond
  3. Low power consumption – Look for ACCL that consumes less power below 0.2VA during Mains supply, while it should supply below 15VA during generator operations
  4. Long life – Buy ACCL that is highly durable and lasts a lifetime
  5. Heavy duty – Also, ensure to buy heavy duty ACCL for enhanced capacity and performance
  6. Convenient – Ensure the availability of the auto reset facility for greater convenience. Also, you may look for ACCLs that can be controlled remotely using a mobile app
  7. Reliable – The ACCL should be reliable to ensure safety against short circuits
  8. Compact – Also, being compact is another aspect to look at while buying an ACCL
  9. Load protection – Check for the load protection feature from over and under-voltage
  10. Sequential time delay – Ensure sequential time-delayed switching to eliminate the issue of sudden overloading of the generator

Uses of ACCL

ACCL can be used in:

  • - Residential apartments and villas
  • - Commercial complexes/centers
  • - It can be used in railway networks and airports
  • - In the banking and finance sector, and
  • - In the infrastructure and telecommunications sector

Benefits of ACCL to Residents

Here are some benefits of ACCL to residents:

  • - With automatic switching, you can minimize damages to people and property (equipment) since it eliminates human contact and works with its monitoring system
  • - It can reduce the cost of maintenance of a generator as it avoids overloading and other hassles caused to the generator
  • - ACCL also allows seamless transfer for high-quality service to complement the main power supply and offer an uninterrupted supply of power
  • - Further, ACCL also regularly monitors generator and utility consumption

Why IBO Should Be Your First Choice to Buy ACCL?

ACCL switch makes life easy by supplying commercial and residential spaces with a constant source of power despite fluctuations and power failures. It eliminates the challenges that are linked with manual changeover of power supply during power cuts between alternative power sources. ACCL is designed in a way to allow automatic switching of power supply between a generator and the utility supply. This eliminates the delay that is associated with the manual changeover.

At IBO, you can buy superior-quality ACCLs for residential apartments and commercial spaces at the best ACCL prices. You may buy ACCL online or offline as per your needs and requirements. Being an omnichannel platform, IBO offers different products in different categories for the home improvement needs of people.

We offer a comprehensive product range for your home requirements including ACCLs and other electrical equipment, water purifiers, stabilizer, fan regulator, plug-top, inverter, electrical socket, bathroom wall tiles, vitrified tiles, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, connection pipes, isolator switch and more.

IBO is a multi-category and multi-brand platform with retailers, contractors, and walk-in buyers as customers. We have a host of collections of genuine and high-quality products available at reasonable prices.

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1. What is an ACCL?

ACCL or Automatic changeover current limiter is a device controller that helps in the uninterrupted flow of current from your generator while the main power supply is cut/interrupted.

2. What is the full form of ACCL?

The full form of ACCL is an Automatic changeover current limiter.

3. How does an ACCL work?

The ACCL switches the load to the generator supply during the failure of the main supply. When the load on the generator exceeds the pre-set limit, the ACCL acts as a current limiter to avoid any overload on the generator.

4. What are the benefits of using an ACCL?

ACCL is a device intended for automatic switching of power supply between generator and utility supply to eliminate the delay associated with the manual operation. It transfers the power back to the utility when it is restored.

5. Is ACCL suitable for residential or commercial use?

ACCLs are suitable for use in residential, industrial, and commercial spaces to enhance comfort and save energy by switching loads automatically in per real-time.

6. Where are ACCLs commonly used?

The ACCLs are commonly used to conserve energy from standby generators used in multi-storied buildings, commercial spaces, industrial establishments, etc.

7. What factors affect the price of an ACCL?

The price of ACCL depends on several factors like the material used or quality of the ACCL, the brand or company of the product, as well as the microprocessor used in each ACCL, among others. Also, there may be a price difference in terms of online or offline buying. You are likely to research well and get a discount through online buying.

8. What is the average price of ACCL?

Depending on the quality and the company you are buying the ACCL from, the price of the product may vary. It may range from Rs. 800 to Rs.5000 and beyond.

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