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When it comes to electrical components and gears, ensuring safety and security is a must. This can be done by availing genuine and reliable products so that mishaps can be avoided. One such essential component used in every household is a miniature circuit breaker or MCB switch. MCB is an electric switch that acts as a safety device to protect the electric circuit during overcurrent and short circuits from breaking down. Using MCBs from a superior and reliable brand guarantees convenience, durability, and security. MCB switches are available in different categories as per the needs of every building or household.

At IBO, we offer a wide range of safe, economical, and high-end MCB switches from prominent brands like Legrand, Indoasian, and others. If you want to protect your homes and buildings from electrical faults, electrical overloads, short circuits, etc., in the electrical wiring, you must buy the best quality MCB circuit breakers of different types from IBO.

Types of MCB Switches to Choose From

MCB switches are available in several types. The 8-way MCB box and 12-way MCB box are some types of MCBs used in homes. These are generally known as a distribution board and they contain multiple MCBs to protect different circuits in the home. Metal enclosure boxes are generally used to house MCBs to protect people against accidental contact with live wires.

Let’s take a look at the different MCB switch types available:

Single Pole MCB – The single pole MCB switch comes attached with two wires including a neutral and a hot wire to protect the circuit from breaking down due to any imbalanced current flow or short circuit.

Double Pole MCB: The double pole MCBs are available with two hot wires which are linked with a single neutral wire. So, these MCBs can serve two separate 120-volt circuits or a single 240-volt circuit.

Triple Pole MCB: This is a 3P circuit breaker that comes with a C-tripping curve. It has 3 protected poles with a 6A-rated current.

B Curve MCB: This MCB type is generally used in residential appliances with resistive loads. This MCB trips 3 to 5 times its rated current.

C Curve MCB: The C curve MCB, on the other hand, trips 5 to 10 times the maximum rated current. It is mostly used in commercial complexes and buildings.

How to Choose the Right MCB Switches for Your Home?

An MCB is an Electrical Switch or device that automatically shuts the electrical circuit down when there is an overload of current or a faulty electric condition. Below are some points to consider before buying an MCB Switch for the protection of your home and its inmates:

Current Rating - Before buying MCB switches, you must check the current rating as different circuits require different current rating types as per their usage.

Warranty - Warranty should be checked before buying any electric device including MCB switches to prioritize the safety of everyone. If your electrical MCB comes under warranty, it will allow you to return and sort out a problem in the device during the warranty period.

Poles - Poles play an important role too in MCBs since different buildings require different types of electrical connections as per their electricity load.

Curve Type - MCBs are available with different curve types depending on the different types of applications it is used for and the circuit protection required.

Voltage rating - The voltage value of the MCB switch is another important point to consider for the operating performance of the MCB and for designating the switchgear.

Buy MCBs and Other Home Improvement Accessories from IBO

Unlike earlier, rather than using a fuse, people these days use an MCB in low-voltage electrical networks. This is because as compared to fuse, miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are more sensitive to overcurrent and can sense it reliably.

If you are looking for durable and long-lasting MCBs at economicalMCB prices for your homes and offices, you will get them at IBO. IBO is an omnichannel store that can fulfill all your home improvement needs. Here you will find a range of items like vitrified tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom floor tiles, decorative lights, plywood laminates, water filters, stabilizers, fan regulators, plug-tops, inverters, electrical sockets, water heaters, ACCL, RCCB, bulb holder, and more. 

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1. What is an MCB?

An MCB or Miniature circuit breaker is an electrical switch that operates automatically. When there is excess current, the MCB prevents damage to an electrical circuit due to the extra current. Also, during overloads or short circuits, MCBs trip to protect against any electrical fault.

2. What are the main components of an MCB?

The Trip unit is the core component of an MCB that monitors the flow of electric current through the circuit and trips the breaker in case of an over-current or short-circuit.

3. What is the difference between an MCB and a fuse? 

The basic difference between MCB and fuse is that the MCB protects against overloads as well as short circuits, while fuses are used to protect against over-currents only.

4. How do I choose the right MCB for my electrical circuit? 

To choose the right current rating for your MCB, you must first calculate the device’s draw of total current on the circuit. Next, choose an MCB rating slightly higher as compared to this total rating for safety purposes and to avoid frequent tripping.

5. Can an MCB be used for both AC and DC circuits? 

No, you cannot use an MCB for AC for an MCB for a DC circuit and vice versa.

6. What is the difference between a single-pole and a double-pole MCB? 

The key difference between single pole and double pole MCB is that the single pole is used to break a single phase whereas the double pole is used to break a phase as well as a neutral. So, the single pole controls 1 live wire and the double pole controls 2 wires - one live and one neutral.

7. How do I install an MCB? 

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Choose the right MCB designed for a specific application
  • 2. Preparing the Distribution Board (DB) to install the MCB
  • 3. Wiring the MCB securely on the board
  • 4. Testing once all connections are scored
  • 5. Label the MCB on the DB for the sake of documentation for future purpose

8. What should I do if my MCB keeps tripping frequently?

You may unplug the unused devices to help reduce the load on the circuit. Also, you may check for any loose connections and make them tight if required.

9. What are the different types of MCB?

Types of MCBs include:

  • - Single Pole MCB
  • - Double Pole MCB
  • - Triple Pole MCB
  • - B Curve MCB
  • - C Curve MCB

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