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Buy the best Inverter battery to ensure complete security against power cuts!

When frequent power cuts make life miserable, you turn to your inverter for help. You rely on inverters for uninterrupted power supply to electronic tools and appliances and a seamless flow of your daily lives.

Inverters are used in your homes, offices, and factories to deal with daily or frequent power cuts. A reliable inverter battery serves as the backbone during power outages, providing a source of backup power that guarantees security and continuity. Since the battery is the most crucial part of an inverter, you need to be cautious while buying or replacing your inverter battery for the safety and security of your home and office. Purchasing an inverter battery without knowledge and from unreliable sellers might cause you losses.

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Choosing the best quality inverter battery for your home and office

Power cuts in India are quite normal, which makes an inverter a vital requirement for everyone. When you purchase an inverter, you need the right battery for the smooth functioning of the machine. The battery of the inverter stores power, and thus, it is necessary to choose the best battery to meet your power requirements.

Inverter batteries are available in different types, and you may choose a particular type depending on your power consumption and purpose of usage.

Here are some factors to consider when buying the best inverter battery to suit your needs:

  • Check the power storage capacity – Power stored in the battery of your inverter is determined by the capacity of the battery. It is important to check its capacity to ensure that the battery can fulfill the power requirements of your house or office. Battery capacity is expressed in ampere-hour (Ah); the more the Ah, the longer the battery life.
  • Check the voltage requirements – Another significant thing to consider in the battery of an inverter is the voltage. The voltage should be such that it complements the inverter. Hence, it is important to check the voltage compatibility.
  • Check durability of battery - Battery life determines the longevity of the battery. Some batteries are more durable than others and come with exceptionally long durability. It is necessary to check battery life before buying the product.

Tips to maintain the battery life of your inverter

For your inverter battery to last long, follow some tips. These tips will help you maintain an enduring battery life for unending power backup.

  • - Inverter batteries should not be charged below or beyond the required level as it could harm them.
  • - To charge the battery to the optimum level, you may follow the instructions in the manual.
  • - An inverter battery should be cleaned regularly with a cloth to avoid dirt and dust, which can otherwise have a negative effect on the battery.
  • - As you know, inverter batteries produce heat when you charge them. So, storing the battery in a well-ventilated place is good to avoid the buildup of heat.

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When choosing the best battery for Inverter, select the one that offers dependable power backup. Ensure that your battery comes with the best capacity and voltage. It should also have the right power output and charging time.

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1. What are the different types of inverter batteries?

Inverter batteries are available in different types depending on the price and durability of the battery.

  • - Lead-acid batteries
  • - Lithium-ion batteries
  • - Tabular batteries
  • - Nickle–cadmium batteries
  • - Gel batteries
  • - Tall tabular batteries
  • - Flat pate batteries

2. How do I choose the right inverter battery for my needs?

You may consider the below points while choosing the suitable inverter batteries:

  • - Consider the power requirement of your household to determine the wattage you would need for your home.
  • - Consider the type of battery you want to use for your home from among the various types available.
  • - Inverter batteries vary in terms of size and capacity. So, you must opt for a size that suits your power needs at home.
  • - Battery backup is very important and must be considered when choosing an inverter battery. Battery with high capacity provides longer backup.
  • - Also, remember to consider maintenance requirements and the warranty.
  • - Brand reputation is equally important when choosing the right inverter for your needs.
  • - Further, inverter battery price for a home is another aspect to consider while going for inverter battery online/offline shopping.

3. How to maintain an inverter battery?

The battery is the most crucial part of the entire power backup system. So, it requires good maintenance. Here are some tips to maintain your inverter battery to extend its lifespan:

  • - The battery should be kept away from combustible objects
  • - Store the battery in an open and airy space
  • - Look for the worn-out surfaces on the battery terminals and get servicing done in case required
  • - Check the water levels in the batteries every 40-45 days to see if it is not below a minimum level
  • - Use only distilled water to enhance battery life
  • - Maintain a clean and dust-free battery surface

4. How long will my inverter battery last?

Generally, the inverter battery could last for over 5 to 10 hours once it is fully charged.

5. What is the difference between a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid battery?

Lithium-ion batteries were invented in the 1970s, and before that lead-acid batteries were used. Lithium batteries provide more stored capacity as compared to lead-acid ones. The rate of discharge is high in lead-acid batteries. However, they are cheaper as compared to lithium-ion batteries.

The materials used in both types of batteries are also different. Lead-acid batteries use lead as an anode, lead oxide as a cathode, while lithium-ion battery uses carbon as an anode and lithium oxide as a cathode.

6. How do I dispose of an old inverter battery?

Contact authorized battery dealers, designated collection centers, or registered recyclers to dispose of an old battery. These authorized bodies use a special process to extract useful chemical components from used batteries, which are then used in making new batteries. Just remember to never dispose of the old batteries in dustbins or give them to unauthorized scrap collectors.

7. Can I store my inverter battery in any position?

It should be placed in a dry location that is well-ventilated and free from heat or direct sunlight.

8. Can I use a solar panel to charge my inverter battery?

Yes, a standard inverter battery can be converted using a solar charge controller to connect it to a solar panel. So, you can change your existing system into a hybrid by adding a solar panel.

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