For Uninterrupted Power Supply, Trust the Best Inverters

Power failure and electricity disruptions are commonly experienced in most Indian cities and towns. These power interruptions cause disturbances in the smooth working of your household or commercial spaces. To avoid this unnecessary hassle and to maintain a continuous power supply flow in your home or office, you need inverters. Especially in the present scenario when many people are working or operating businesses from home, frequent load shedding may disturb the workflow. From safeguarding electronic devices to sustaining essential appliances, investing in top-notch inverters guarantees peace of mind and uninterrupted functionality when power reliability is paramount.

An inverter, a power electronic device, stores energy within high-capacity batteries. During power outages, it releases stored power to illuminate your home and power your appliances.

If you are experiencing frequent power cuts, it is high time you install the best inverter for your home to resolve the power issue. For superior-quality inverters, you can explore IBO, an omnichannel platform that houses a great range of home improvement products. We have inverters from the best companies, including Luminous Inverters, Su-Kam, Zebronics, and so on.

Our Inverter prices range from low to high to suit different budgets and needs. We also offer an extensive collection of several other home improvement products to take care of all your home styling and renovation needs.

What to look for while Buying the Best Home Inverters?

Inverters are used to facilitate your house with the continued supply of power. So, the first thing to consider while buying an inverter to use at home is the load that the inverter would have to carry to supply your house with power during power cuts.

The capacity of inverter battery varies depending on the number of appliances used during power cuts. So, you may choose the battery capacity according to the amount of power you want the inverter to supply. This also impacts the cost of an inverter.

Another important thing to consider here is that the appliances you would be using during power cuts should be compatible with the inverter you plan to purchase. Besides, you should also look for the service and warranty offered by the manufacturer. This will save you from any future maintenance hassle.

Here are some other factors to consider while buying the best inverter in India:

  • - One must consider the power density while buying an inverter for your home. You may pick a high-power-density battery
  • - The durability of the inverter is another significant factor to consider when choosing an inverter for your home. Choose a reputed company to guarantee long-lasting battery life. The battery is the main source that maintains power densities
  • - Looking into the safety aspect is also important. Some battery parts may degrade because of high temperatures. Hence, try to select a battery capable of operating effectively under high temperatures
  • - The cost-effectiveness is another crucial aspect that you cannot ignore. Look for batteries that perform better and are reasonably priced too
  • - Finally, look for energy-efficient batteries

Why You Should Buy Inverters for Homes?

An inverter is no longer a luxury; rather, it is a necessity that every household requires, especially in areas where people experience constant or frequent power cuts. The rising use of inverters in almost every modern home makes their importance evident. Inverters protect electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations and eliminate the requirement for voltage stabilizers. They serve as ideal power backup in places where the electricity supply is interrupted regularly.

What are the Different Types of Inverters?

The type of inverter differs depending on the power supply requirements of the appliances being run by the inverter. Different types of inverters include sine-wave inverters, modified sine-wave inverters, square-wave inverters, and mini and portable inverters.

  • - A sine-wave inverter is considered good for homes as it works with almost all devices and appliances. However, it is one of the priciest inverters.
  • - A modified sine-wave works with most devices. However, in some appliances, they may work at low power.
  • - The mini and portable options are available too for you to choose from. The prices of these inverters would depend on the type and the capacity of the inverter.

Why Choose IBO for Top-Quality Inverters to Enjoy Continual Power Backup?

Since power cuts are very common in most Indian cities, getting superior-quality inverters is necessary to keep the flow of continuous power supply. Inverters provide the ideal supply of power so that the appliances in your home can operate and perform properly and your house has a continuous supply of light.

The constant power cuts make life difficult, and so inverters are a must for every household. With IBO, you can get the best inverters from the best brands for your home and commercial spaces. IBO is an omnichannel platform offering different products in different categories to meet your needs for home improvement. You can buy inverters online or from our offline stores.

IBO offers a comprehensive product range for your home requirements. You will find top-quality inverters, electrical socket, wall and floor tiles for the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas, power tool accessories, decorative lights, elevation tiles, electrical wholesale items, electrical fittings like plug tops and bulb holder, paints and adhesives, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, stabilizer, geysers, connection pipe for the wash basin, and more.

We offer online as well as offline buying options to suit your needs accordingly. IBO is a multi-category and multi-brand platform serving customers, retailers, contractors, and walk-in buyers. We have a host of collections of genuine and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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1. What is an inverter?

An inverter is a power electronic device that stores energy in high-capacity batteries. When there is a power cut, it delivers the supply of stored power to lighten up your home and make your appliances operate smoothly.

2. What are the different types of inverters available?

Sine Wave, Modified Sine Wave and Square Wave, Off Grid Battery Inverters, Grid Tie Inverters, and Hybrid inverters are some types of inverters available.

3. Do inverters require regular maintenance?

Yes, like all your mechanical/electrical devices, inverters also need servicing and maintenance. If you want your inverter to function efficiently and continuously, you must maintain it well.

4. Are inverters safe to use?

Inverters are generally considered safe to use. However, to ensure further security, it is important to adhere to the guidelines in the manual.

5. Can I connect multiple inverters together?

Yes, running two power inverters together is possible. However, to ensure steady performance, the inverters need to be of the same brand and model.

6. What factors influence an inverter price?

The price of an inverteris mainly influenced by the type of battery you choose or the battery type that works with an inverter.

7. How do I choose the right inverter for my home?

To choose the right inverter, you need to find your V/A rating (Volt/Ampere), which is the power required in watts divided by the power that you are considering for your inverter.

8. Can I purchase an inverter online?

Yes, you can check and buy inverters online from the official portal of the inverter company/brand you are looking at. You may also visit a reputed online shopping portal to buy an inverter. IBO offers online inverters at the best prices and from reputed companies.

9. What are the advantages of buying an inverter online?

Buying an inverter online will allow you to research and buy the most suitable inverter in terms of price and features. You may also look for online discounts and prices to match your budget and needs.

10. What size inverter do I need for my home?

You may buy an inverter according to the power requirements of your household. You may select a size that is twice the total wattage of the different power appliances and devices that you are likely to run on the inverter during power cuts.

11. What is the average price of a home inverter?

An inverter is available with a price range that goes from INR 4,000 to INR 40,000 and beyond.

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