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Many things need to be taken care of while constructing or renovating a house. Installing quality electrical fittings is one such thing. Although a small item, bulb holders perform an important function of holding your electric bulb or lamp intact so that the rooms of your house stay illuminated continuously. Hence, it is important to choose the right lamp holder while installing electrical accessories.

Selecting the right bulb holder depends on various factors, including brightness, fuel efficiency, the material used to make the holder, and the quality of the bulb holder. So, while choosing the bulb holder, it is important to check its specifications. Most lamp holders come with a locking mechanism like pins that fix the lamp and the lamp holder to keep them intact.

Bulb holders may vary depending on their use and purpose. For instance, the bulb holders used for ceilings and wall lights are permanent lamp holders, and they must be installed according to the type of lightbulb you intend to use. So, knowing what to look for when installing new bulb holders or replacing them is crucial.

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Types of Bulb Holders Available

There are several types of bulb holders available, such as;

  • Angle Holder - These bulb holders are very commonly used in most households, and they release light at an angle of 45 degrees. They are generally used to hold bulbs in sidewalls. These holders are available in various designs and are installed in kitchens, hallways, and other such spaces.
  • Slanting Holder – These bulb holders are made of brass and are available in bayonet style/design. They are commonly used to hold bulbs in areas like advertising boards, floodlights, stages, etc. These bulb holders use shades only and allow light to focus on the display to attract viewers.
  • Batten Holder - The batten-style bulb holder presses and holds the bulb to the holder, which is fastened to the walls. Here, the light is slightly twisted to the left. These bulb holders are mostly used in laboratories, toilets, etc.
  • Pendant Holder – Pendant bulb holders are mainly used temporarily. They are hung from the ceiling directly or vertically. In this case, the lamp holder has to be held by someone at the time of installing the bulb, as it is not attached to a wall or ceiling. Bakelite and brass are generally used to make these kinds of holders.
  • Racket Holder – Racket bulb holders are lamp stands that allow direct lighting to reach your room. They are mounted to the wall but cannot be fixed to the ceiling. These bulb holders are made mostly of brass and are commonly used to hold bulbs in table lamps.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bulb Holders

  • Security – While buying electrical products, it is important to follow safety rules. Hence, make sure you buy electrical bulb holders after checking their safety and security aspects.
  • Quality - Lamp holders are available in a wide range. Since they are used in every household, they are in huge demand. Moreover, they are not very expensive and can easily fit into your budget. However, it is important to consider the quality of the bulb holders so that they can last long and are safe to use.
  • Material - The material that the lamp holder is made up of is another important aspect to consider. The lamp holder's body is generally made of plastic, while its electrified interior is made of metal. The plastic used in bulb holders is of different types based on their cost and usefulness. Among them, PP, PC, ABS, and PBT, are the most prevalent ones. So, check the material of the bulb holder at the time of buying it.
  • Material thickness – Along with the type of material, the material's thickness is also an important aspect to consider. Choose brands that offer sufficient material thickness and strong heat resistance with good service life.
  • Engineering process – Besides the above, the manufacturing process is another aspect that influences the buying decision. Make sure to buy high-quality items with a smooth finish and not any faulty items.

Why IBO is Your First Choice for Bulb Holders and Other Home Improvement Accessories?

Electric bulb holders are used to hold bulbs securely and power the light bulbs/lamps to illuminate your house inside and out. These holders are available in a wide range of materials and designs. This electrical accessory is commonly used in homes, commercial spaces, and offices. These holders are primarily categorized based on their built and socket type. If you want to buy bulb holders, IBO brings you a range of different electric bulb holders online and offline to light up your home.

We are an omnichannel store offering different products in different categories to support you with your home improvement needs. You will find the best lamp holder batten along with wide-ranging items like fan regulators, ceiling rose, plug-tops, inverters, electrical sockets, bathroom floor tiles, kitchen tiles, power tool accessories, decorative lights, elevation tiles, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings, water filter, stabilizer, paints and adhesives, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, isolator switch, connection pipe for the wash basin, and more. All our home improvement items are available online and offline stores near you.

IBO is a multi-category and multi-brand platform serving customers, retailers, contractors, walk-in buyers, and more. We have a vast collection of genuine and reasonably priced high-quality products.

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1. What is a bulb holder?

A Bulb Holder is a device that holds an electric lamp or light bulb to light up your house. The bulb holder allows lamps to be replaced conveniently.

2. What are the common types of bulb/lamp holders available in the market?

Here are some common types:

  • - Angle Holder
  • - Slanting Holder
  • - Batten Holder
  • - Pendant holder
  • - Racket Holder

3. How do I choose the right bulb holder for my light fixture?

To choose the right bulb holder, you must first check your light requirement. Accordingly, you can use a wall-mounted or ceiling bulb holder. Also, the type of bulb you use influences your choice to a great extent.

4. What are the typical materials used in making bulb holders for walls?

Some lamp holders are made of metals like brass and copper. Others are made of plastic, like polymers and polycarbonate, polybutylene terephthalate, and phenol-formaldehyde, among others. Some bulb holders for walls and ceilings are also made of ceramic, bakelite, and so on.

5. Can I use LED bulbs with any type of bulb holder?

LED bulbs are generally compatible with the same standard socket types like screw-in or bayonet-style sockets.

6. How does the material of a lamp holder affect its price?

The material of a lamp holder does affect the price of the bulb holder, along with other factors like style, brand, quality, and more.

7. How does a bulb holder for a wall differ from a ceiling-mounted bulb holder?

Ceiling-mounted bulb holders are often used for downward and focused lighting. On the other hand, batten holders or wall bulb holders are directly attached to the wall to facilitate diffused and widespread lighting.

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