Decorative Laminates

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Spruce up your Space with Exclusive Decorative Laminates

The fine touches and finishes of your home décor give it a stunning look. To enhance the décor of the home interiors, decorative laminates are increasingly being used. These laminates are multipurpose and durable. They are available at a reasonable price and serve brilliantly to spruce up your living space.

Being affordable and durable, decorative laminates are the perfect material for interior decoration. Besides, decorative laminates are scratch-free. They are resistant to fading and stains, which makes them an excellent choice for both inside and outside décor as well as for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Another good feature of decorative laminates is that they are easy to clean and hardly need any maintenance.

If you are looking for the most versatile and robust decorative laminates to beautify your home, IBO is the best place to buy them. IBO presents decorative laminates from the most trustworthy brands like Merino Laminates, Craftlam, Sonova, Sleek, Gentle, Century Laminates, Virgo, and Greenlam in different price ranges and color schemes.

IBO is a one-store destination for all home improvement needs, including decorative laminates.

IBO stores are located in quite a few Indian cities. If you are searching for the best “decorative laminate shop near you," you can visit the store in your city.

Choosing the best decorative laminate for your home décor

Decorative laminate sheets are used over wooden surfaces for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. These laminates are available in different unique designs and textures and are used in several applications like tables, wall panels, furniture, and more.

To choose the best decorative laminate sheets for plywood or laminate panels, you must know the types of decorative laminates available and their uses.

Types of Decorative Laminates

Here are the popular decorative laminates available:

  • - High-Pressure Laminate (HPL): When it comes to decorative laminates, HPL or high-pressure laminates is regarded as the most durable. Several kraft paper layers produce these laminates, which are infused with resin and glued together under extreme temperatures. The top layer of the laminate is printed with different designs to give it a natural finish. They are well suited for spaces like the bathroom and kitchen of your home as well as commercial spaces.
  • - Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL): In terms of affordability, the LPL or the low-pressure laminate is reasonably priced compared to HPL. Unlike HPL, LPL is made from a single layer of paper and is infused with resin, and attached to a substrate. Here again, the top layer contains a printed design to give it a natural look. LPL goes well in spaces such as the living room, bedroom, etc.
  • - Metal Laminate: These are decorative laminates that come with a metallic finish. They are created by tying a thin metal layer such as copper and aluminum to a substrate. They are suitable for modern interiors.
  • - Chalkboard Laminate: These laminates are available with a surface where you can write with chalk. A layer of chalkboard paint is bonded to a substrate to create this laminate. They are ideal for playrooms, offices, etc.
  • - Post-Formed Laminate: The post-formed laminate features a bent edge. Here, heat and pressure are used to get the laminate bent around a curved substrate. This type of laminate is best for tabletops, countertops, etc.
  • - Magnetic Laminate: This is a type of decorative laminate that comes with a surface where you can stick magnets. Similar to the other types of laminates, here again, the laminate is created by bonding a coating of magnetic material to a substrate, making it ideal for bedrooms of your kids and playrooms, etc.

Tips to Clean Laminate Surfaces Without Damaging Them

  • - Dust laminates regularly: If ignored, Dust particles can create a layer of dirt on the laminate surface, which can cause abrasions over time. This may also reduce the shine in the laminates to lower their appeal. Hence, cleaning the dust from the surface of the decorative laminate is important to keep dust particles away.
  • - Use a damp cloth for wiping laminates: A damp cloth can be used to wipe the laminate to maintain it for a long time and to keep it clean. This is an easy way to remove dirt from the decorative surface of the laminate.
  • - Preventing spills on decorative laminates: Spilling things accidentally on your laminates is very common. To avoid strains due to spilling, you may use coasters while placing any beverage on the laminate. Also, you can install laminates that are sturdier to avoid damage due to heat.
  • - Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Using harsh chemicals to clean the laminates may damage the laminates all the more. Hence, things like ammonia, bleach, or other abrasive cleaners are not advisable to use to keep the laminates protected.
  • - Avoid scrubbing on decorative laminates: Using scrubbers that might damage the decorative laminates is also better to be avoided. Sometimes, plastic or metal scrubbers may harm the laminate severely. Hence, it is another thing to keep in mind.
  • - Skip Polishing or Waxing: Polishing gives a shine to the decorative laminates. But in reality, it becomes difficult to remove the residue created due to polishing, which may cause immense damage.

Buy Your Dream Decorative Laminates at IBO: One Destination for All Home Improvement Needs

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Hence, it is important to take care of every aspect of your home décor to enhance it. Using decorative laminates for creative surfaces can augment the look and feel of your home interiors and exteriors. Decorative laminates can be used to add beauty to the spaces within your home. They are durable and add aesthetic beauty to your spaces.

You may rely on IBO– the one-stop shop for all home improvement needs to choose the suitable decorative laminates for an everlasting impression. IBO presents a range of decorative laminate sheets at wholesale prices for your home and commercial properties. You can buy laminates online with IBO.

IBO is an omnichannel, multi-brand, and multi-category platform for all your home improvement needs. Our buyers include regular clients, retailers, and contractors who purchase from our offline stores across multiple cities and through our onlinepresence.

Together with decorative laminates, IBO presents a range of high-quality products like power tool accessories, decorative lights, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings, vitrified floor tiles, paints and adhesives, parking tiles, kitchen faucets, sliding door wardrobe fittings, kitchen chimney, connection pipe, wash basin, and so on.

IBO is your one-stop store for 100% genuine products at wholesale prices.

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​1. What materials are used to make decorative laminates?

Paper and plastic resins are used to manufacture decorative laminates. Thin laminate sheets are glued together to form a layer-like substance for strength.

2. Where are decorative laminates commonly used?

These laminates are usually used for flat furniture tops, cabinets, and tables. They are also used in kitchen cabinets, laboratory tables, and so on.

3. What are the advantages of using decorative laminates?

  • - Laminates are low in maintenance as well as price
  • - They are durable
  • - They can be customized to add a unique presence
  • - They are available in wide options to match your theme home décor
  • - They allow a clean and hygienic environment

4. Can decorative laminates be used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes, decorative laminates can be used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens to enhance the look of the cabinets. Laminate is a good choice for your bathroom cabinet finish as it can endure moisture. Laminates are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and price ranges to suit every pocket.

5. Can decorative laminates be used for outdoor applications?

Yes, some decorative materials can be used for outdoor applications. These exterior laminates are created in a way to withstand environmental erosion.

6. Is there a warranty on decorative laminates?

Most branded decorative laminates come with a warranty of up to 10 years.

7. How to care for and maintain decorative laminates?

To maintain decorative laminates for long endurance, get regular dusting of the laminates and keep them away from dirt to restore their natural balance. Wipe the decorative laminates with a damp cloth for easy removal of stains and spills.

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