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Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) board is a wood product engineered by breaking down residues of wood fiber of soft and hardwood. These are then joined with wax and resins under extreme temperatures to create an MDF board. The MDF board that comes out as a result of this process is available with a consistent surface and a smooth finish. These MDF boards are excellent in strength and density and are used for several applications in the interiors and exteriors of your house. They are an essential constituent of carpentry, cabinets, shelves, and other furniture items.

At IBO, you can buy a wide range of MDF boards of different thicknesses and sizes from brands like Action Tesa, Century Ply, Green Panel, and more. If you want strong and ultra-durable MDF boards for your home interiors, look no further. IBO is the solution store for all your home improvement needs.

IBO presents solid and reliable MDF board sheets of different price ranges to support your home improvement drive. If you are searching for the best “MDF board shop near me”, visit the IBO website or go to IBO multi-city stores.

Choosing the Right MDF Board for Your Home and Office Purposes

MDF board is one of the various materialistic things that are used to create furnishings as well as for different interior décor needs. MDF boards are available in different categories. Let’s take a look at them.

Types/Grades of MDF Boards

  • - Interior Grade MDF: Made from resin binders and wood fibers, interior grade MDF boards are products of composite wood. They are not just cost-effective but versatile too. They are generally used for furniture, cabinets, making panels for decorative purposes, and so on. This type of MDF has a smooth surface and is of high quality.
  • - Exterior Grade MDF: This type of MDF board is again made of composite wood designed for outdoor use. This type of board is available with the perks of interior grade and has the added resistance to decay and dampness. These boards are used outdoors to make furniture, signs, and billboards. They can withstand exterior elements and are long-lasting.

Uses of MDF Board

Some of the uses of MDF Boards are:

  • - They are used for making furnishings for homes and commercial spaces
  • - They are also used as roofing materials as well as for cabinets and shelves
  • - Besides, they are used for decorative items, flooring, doors, frames, and more

Advantages of MDF Boards

Below are some advantages of MDF boards:

  • - They are cost-effective and easily available: These are reasonably priced and genuine boards that are long-lasting and can be purchased easily. They are available online as well as offline.
  • - MDF Boards are made with High-densityMaterials: Made from high-density materials, MDF boards do not crack due to the technique used in their production.
  • - MDF board is strong, sturdy, and sustainable – MDF board is a stable and durable item used for interior décor.
  • - These boards serve the purpose of painting and layering perfectly: These boards are paint-friendly. They are even and smooth and can be easily painted. MDF boards are laminated with layers of various laminates and wood veneer to give them a unique look.
  • - These boards are best for cabinetry uses: These boards are good for making cabinet doors as they are flexible. They are available in several varieties.
  • - They are environment friendly: These boards are manufactured from plantation wood and prevent the cutting of trees, making them environment friendly.

Buy MDF Boards at IBO: Your Destination for All Home Improvement Needs

To purchase the right MDF Boards online and offline to last you forever, you may rely on IBO – the one-stop shop for all home improvement needs. IBO offers a vast collection of MDF Boards at reasonableprices for your home and office spaces.

IBO is an omnichannel, multi-brand, and multi-category platform for all your home improvement needs. Our buyers include walk-in customers, retailers, and contractors who purchase from our offline stores across multiple cities and through our onlinepresence.

Together with MDF Boards, IBO presents a range of high-quality products like power tool accessories, decorative lights, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings, vitrified floor tiles, paints and adhesives, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, and connection pipe for the wash basin, and so on.

IBO is your one-stop store for 100% genuine products at reasonable prices.

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​1. What are the different grades of the MDF board?

Lightweight MDF, standard-grade MDF, and high-density MDF are the three grades or categories of MDF Boards.

2. How to clean the MDF board?

To clean the MDF board, you can mix liquid dish soap in a vessel and add warm water to make a solution. Use a soft cloth and the solution to wipe the board. Don’t use harsh chemicals which can damage the MDF board surface.

3. How much does an MDF board cost?

The MDF Board rate in India may change depending on the quality and MDF board standard size. You can buy MDF boards online and offline from IBO

4. What are the advantages of using an MDF board?

There are many advantages of MDF boards, as mentioned below:

  • - They are cost-effective and readily available
  • - The material used to make MDF boards is of high-density
  • - MDF board is strong and sturdy, as well as sustainable
  • - These boards serve the purpose of painting and layering perfectly
  • - These boards are best for cabinetry uses
  • - Moreover, they are environment friendly too

5. How is MDF different from particleboard?

MDF boards are sturdy and dense as compared to particleboards. MDF boards are manufactured from waste wood and include wood fibers. They are also heavy, and as per your application requirements, you can decide to buy different quality MDF boards.

6. What is the lifespan of the MDF board?

MDF boards have a moisture-resistant property that makes them long-lasting. 10 years is the minimum lifespan of the MDF board.

7. Can MDF be used in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms?

MDF boards are not good to use in moisture-prone or wet areas such as bathrooms as they have shown poor performance in terms of water.

8. Can MDF be used for making furniture?

Yes, the MDF board makes low-cost and less sturdy furniture like cabinets, bookcases, wall paneling, and more.

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