Invest in a quality kitchen chimney to keep your kitchen smoke-free and clean

Your kitchen is a space in your house that is filled with wonderful aromas. You put your heart and soul into preparing delectable cuisine to treat your family and friends. However, cooking such food leaves smoke and fumes in the kitchen, making it sticky and dirty. It becomes very difficult to remove or clean such dirt from your kitchen. To ease the situation, you can simply install a kitchen chimney that would help you prevent smoke while cooking, especially while grilling certain food items.

With a chimney, you can keep your kitchen clean and, at the same time, improve the quality of air in the house. A quality kitchen chimney is a necessity to complete a modern kitchen. Since they are wall-mounted, they hardly consume any space. This makes them perfect for a kitchen of any size.

If you are looking to buy the best quality kitchen chimney to fulfill your home improvement needs, you are at the right place. At IBO, we present kitchen chimneys from some of the most reliable and quality brands, like Faber, Prestige, Blowhot, etc., to offer customers the option to avail of affordable and trusted chimneys for their households. IBO serves as the ideal store to fulfill all your home improvement needs, including kitchen chimneys.

Different Types of Chimneys and How to Choose the Ideal Chimney for Your Kitchen?

Wall-mounted kitchen chimneys are perfect to ventilate your house of the smoke and smell of the food being cooked in your kitchen to reach the living room. If you are planning to buy a good chimney for the kitchen, you may want to know about the various types of kitchen chimneys available so that you can make the right choice of chimney to suit your kitchen needs.

So, here are some kinds of kitchen chimneys that you can avail of for your home kitchen. Let’s take a look:

  1. - Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney: Wall-mounted kitchen chimneys are the most trendy and latest kinds of chimneys. Being efficient and less space-consuming, they are becoming very popular in modern open kitchens. Besides, these chimneys are more effective than traditional ones and add a dash of elegance to the traditional or modern kitchen.
  2. - Island Kitchen Chimney: Island chimneys are the second kind of popular chimney type available in India. As the name suggests, island chimneys are perfect for island kitchen designs. These chimneys are also called island chimney hoods and are installed in island kitchens. They are again very popular with modular kitchens as they are regarded as more effective than traditional chimneys and enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.
  3. - Inline Kitchen Chimney: This is another popular type of chimney designed for an inline kitchen. These chimneys are also better equipped than the traditional ones and serve a better purpose. They are a mark of elegance to modern as well as traditional kitchen designs.

Benefits of Installing Chimneys in Your Kitchen

There are many benefits of installing chimneys in your kitchen. Not only does it make the house odor-free, but it also makes kitchen-cleaning hacks smooth and easy.

Here are some key advantages of kitchen chimneys:

  • - Your kitchen chimney improves the quality of air in your home by eliminating the smoke in your kitchen, which might suffocate the house.
  • - The chimney in your kitchen brightens the kitchen area with some extra lights, making it a bright cooking area. This makes cooking all the more pleasant.
  • - Kitchen chimneys also regulate the temperature of the kitchen to allow a comfortable environment for cooking.
  • - It makes cleaning easy as it reduces the smoke and grease in the air and keeps the kitchen clean for longer.
  • - Chimneys are becoming an essential requirement of modern kitchens and give it a modern and classy look.

Quality Kitchen Chimneys at IBO: The Best Place that Fulfills All Your Home Improvement Needs

Kitchen chimneys are primarily used to draw smoke and odor away from the kitchen. They are not just efficient but convenient to use, making them a necessity of a contemporary kitchen. If you want to buy the most trusted kitchen chimneys, you may not look elsewhere, as IBO is your ultimate destination for home improvement products. IBO brings you a wide selection of kitchen chimneys online and offline at reasonable prices.

IBO is an omnichannel platform offering multi-brand and multi-category options for customers to shop for their favorite home improvement products. Among the different consumers of IBO are retailers, contractors, and walk-in clients who are buying from multi-city stores and through online marketing.

Besides chimneys, IBO presents a wide range of genuine and reasonably priced products, including power tool accessories, decorative lights, electrical wholesale items, electrical fittings, vitrified floor tiles, parking tiles, paints and adhesives, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, kitchen sink, and connection pipe for the wash basin, and more.

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1. Why kitchen chimney is necessary?

Kitchen chimneys are necessary because they draw oil, grease, and smoke while cooking to make your kitchen stay clean. This keeps the kitchen clean, especially from the grease and stains in your kitchen.

2. What are the different types of kitchen chimneys?

Some of the popular types of kitchen chimneys are:

  • - Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney
  • - Island Kitchen Chimney
  • - Inline Kitchen Chimney

3. What factors influence the kitchen chimney price?

Several factors influence the kitchen chimney price. It includes the brand, the size of the chimney, the features that the chimney is equipped with, the suction capacity of the chimney, and the material with which the chimney is made, among others.

4. How to choose the best chimney for your kitchen?

Various factors determine the choice of the best kitchen chimney, such as;

  • The design of your kitchen
  • The size of the chimney
  • The suction capacity of the chimney
  • The filters used in a chimney
  • And the kitchen chimney price, among other things

5. Which is better exhaust fan or chimney for your kitchen?

Generally, kitchen chimneys are regarded as more efficient in energy consumption than exhaust fans. Chimneys are better at sucking out the pollutants in the air and smoke than exhaust fans.

6. Do higher-price kitchen chimneys perform better?

When it comes to kitchen chimneys, top brands of chimneys do play a significant role in defining the quality and performance of the chimney. Hence, high-priced and better-quality brands might work better. However, kitchen chimney price is not the only factor to consider while buying chimneys.

7. What is the average lifespan of a kitchen chimney?

Depending on the type of chimney, the brand, and its features, the average life span of the best brand chimney for a kitchen can be anywhere between 7 to 15 years or more.

8. Which chimney is best for a small Indian kitchen?

Many good companies, like Faber, Prestige, Blowhot, etc., offer some of the best chimneys for Indian kitchens.

9. Do all kitchen chimneys come with a warranty?

Most companies offer a certain period of warranty with their chimneys.

10. Is Faber kitchen chimney good or bad?

Faber chimneys are among the best kitchen chimneys, offering a wide range of contemporary kitchen chimneys.

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