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Explore a Range of Plug Tops, the Electrical Accessories That You Can’t Do Without

Plug tops, connectors, multi-plugs, etc., are essential accessories for everyday household use. These compact yet essential devices serve as the interface between electrical appliances and

power sources, facilitating seamless connectivity in homes, offices, and industrial settings alike.

These unassuming yet essential devices serve as the gateway to powering our gadgets, appliances, and machinery, seamlessly bridging the gap between electrical sockets and your technological necessities.

From charging your smartphone to powering up essential appliances, plug tops play a vital role in modern-day living. They also are a must-have when traveling abroad on holidays or business trips.

If you are planning to buy electric plug tops for use at home or outside or for your trips, you must buy the best ones to suit your needs well. You can buy a variety of plug tops from IBO, your single destination for all home improvement needs.

IBO is an omnichannel platform that houses a great range of home improvement products, including electrical items like plug-tops from the best companies like Cona and Gold Medal, among others.

The range of our electric plug price is such that it suits every budget and needs of people. We also offer an extensive collection of several other home improvement products to take care of all your home styling and renovation needs.

Features to Consider While Selecting an Ideal Electric Plug

  • Safety - Safety is the primary concern when buying electric plugs. You must look for plugs that have in-built safety features like surge protection, grounding pins, and insulation to lower the risk of electric shock.
  • Voltage – This is the next feature to consider. You must ensure that the plug’s current ratings and voltage should match the gadgets’ requirements that you want to connect.
  • Durable quality – While choosing plugs, make sure to select the ones that are made of durable components to withstand wear and tear.
  • Universal Compatibility – Look for plugs with universal compatibility so that you can use multiple devices.
  • User-friendly – Choose electric plug topsthat come with user-friendly features like simple to insert and remove the device, ergonomic design, etc.

Commonly Used Electrical Plug-Tops

In India, two types of electrical plug tops are commonly used – two-pin and three-pin plug tops.

  • Two-Pin Plugs – As the name suggests, two-pin plugs come with 2-pins, one of which is attached to the ‘hot’ and the other to the ‘neutral’ slot of the socket. The hot pin is joined to the hot slot of the socket and pulls current from the socket to power the load. The neutral pin joined to the neutral socket slot helps the current flow back to the power source and into the socket.
  • Three-Pin Plugs - A three-pin plug has three pins attached to the plug top. Here, the third pin is known as the earthing or grounding pin, which is connected to the ground wire of an electrical system. This pin lies between the hot and neutral pins. The third pin comes in touch with the socket first and ensures a safe route for the device in case of a short circuit.

Uses of 3-pin and 2-pin plugs

  • Three-pin plugs are specifically used for metal body appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, etc.
  • These appliances are earthed or grounded to prevent any leakage of electricity into their metal body
  • The two-pin plugs are used to power devices like TVs, internet routers, etc.
  • So, the 2-pin plugs generally connect low-power-consuming equipment

Why IBO is Your First Choice for Plug Tops and Other Home Improvement Accessories?

Plug-tops cater to diverse electrical needs at home and outside. They are available in an extensive line of products, such as 2-pin and 3-pin plug tops, male-female plug tops, 6-amp and 16-amp plug tops, etc. The range of these plug tops is so vast that you are sure to find the most suitable size to fulfill your requirements.

At IBO, we focus entirely on bringing you the best superior quality product at a reasonable price. We are your complete home improvement solution provider and offer a host of products and items to enhance the décor of your house. We also bring you products that meet the criteria of international standard quality checks for consistent performance.

IBO is an omnichannel platform offering different products in different categories to meet your needs for home improvement. You can buy electric plugs online from IBO as well as from our offline stores. Our comprehensive product range for your home requirements includes vitrified tiles, electrical switches, inverters, bathroom floor tiles, kitchen tiles, power tool accessories, decorative lights, elevation tiles, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings like MCB and isolators, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, paints and adhesives, connection pipe for the wash basin, and more.

IBO is a multi-category and multi-brand platform serving customers, retailers, contractors, and walk-in buyers. We offer a wide array of genuine and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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1. What is anelectric plug top?

An electric plug top is an electrical device made of plastic or rubber with 2- to 3-pins attached to a wire end.

2. What are the different types of electric plug tops?

In India, three types of plug tops are used - type C, type D, and type M. The type C plug top has two round pins, the type D plug top has three round pins in a triangular pattern, and the type M plus top also has three round pins.

3. How do I choose the right electric plug top for my device?

You may choose the right electric plug top for your device by considering the voltage and amperage capacity required for the appliance that you want to plug into the electric plug top.

4. What are the three pins on a 3-pin electric plug for?

The three pins in a 3-pin plug are the live pin, the neutral pin, and the earth pin. The earth pin is long and thicker than the other two pins, and it provides an earth connection. When you plug a 3-pin plug into a socket, the earth pin touches the socket first and ensures a safe route for the device in case of a short circuit.

5. Can I use a 3-pin electric plug in a 2-pin socket?

It may be unsafe to connect a 3-pin device to a 2-pin socket without a ground/earth pin.

6. What factors influence the price of an electric plug?

Voltage, Safety features, compatibility, build quality, and ease of use are some factors that determine the price of an electric plug.

7. Do different types of electric plugs have different prices?

Yes, different types of electric plugs are priced differently depending on their quality, usage, voltage capacity, and so on.

8. What types of electric plugs are available online?

All types of electric plugs are available online including a 2-pin electric plug, 3-pin plug tops, male-female plug tops, 16-amp plug tops, etc.

9. How do I choose the right electric plug online?

While choosing the right electric plug online, you must check the amperage (amp) rating of the plug to match it with the device you are plugging in. A plug’s amp rating directly influences the wattage or the electrical power that the appliance uses when it is plugged in.

10. Can I return electric plugs purchased online if they're not compatible?

Some online shopping portals allow a certain period during which you can return or exchange items. So, it depends on the platform you are buying it from and their return/exchange policy.

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