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Water Heaters & Geysers

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Buy a Fascinating Range of Water Heaters Online and Offline from IBO

A water heater is one of the many significant home appliances without which life becomes difficult, especially for people living in the coldest climatic conditions. Geysers or water heaters serve as a huge help by providing hot water within minutes. They are a common appliance and are an integral part of every household. Hence, it is important to pick the right water heater to meet all your hot water needs.

Quick and instant warm water lets you have a soothing and warm bath to relax you in the winter. You cannot imagine working in the kitchen and stepping inside the washroom without a supply of warm water in the winter season. Moreover, many people need warm water even during other seasons for various purposes.

It is easy to buy water heaters these days since you can avail of them online or offline as per your comfort. If you are looking for superior-quality water heaters, you can check for affordable geyser prices in IBO, your gateway for home improvement products.

IBO presents the best-quality water heaters, including instant and storage geysers from all reputed brands like Havells, AO Smith, Bajaj, Racold, V-Guard, Anchor, and Polycab. You can buy geysers of different capacities at a reasonable budget from us. Check our website to find the best quality water heaters at reasonable price ranges. You may check the geyser 10 ltr price or the geyser 25 ltr price along with several other capacities. Further, you can buy a series of different electrical and other home improvement products of different brands from IBO.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home?

Although it is easy to choose the right water geyser online from the comfort of your home, you may find it overwhelming because of the availability of several brands in the market offering different types of geysers. To ease the situation and to choose the most affordable, durable, and good-quality product you can consider the below factors before buying the right water heater for your home.

  • Geyser Capacity – The capacity can be considered depending on the hot water requirements of a family and the number of family members. A small family can buy a 1-litre to 5-litre capacity water heater to complete their requirements. Similarly, if the family size is huge or for joint families, a 6-liter to 25-liter capacity geyser may fulfill their needs.
  • Wattage - The wattage range of a geyser implies the time taken by the device to heat water. It also defines the energy consumed in the process. If your hot water requirements are limited, you can easily manage with smaller wattages consuming less power or energy.
  • Reputed Brand – Be it water heaters or any other electrical appliances, it is always important to buy from reliable brands with a warranty. This ensures the security of your family members who are using the water heater regularly. Moreover, you can also expect good after-sales services. You may have to pay a little extra on water heater prices while buying from the best brands, but it will give you peace of mind.

Type of Water Heaters to Choose From

Here are some popular types of geysers available in the market:

  1. Electric Geysers – They are also known as Instant Geysers and they heat water instantly. They are tankless and compact water heaters that fit well in tiny bathrooms.
  2. Storage Geyser – These heaters come with an integrated insulated storage tank to store large volumes of hot water
  3. Gas geysers – These are energy-efficient geysers that use LPG supplied through gas pipelines/cylinders to operate
  4. Solar geysers – They run on solar/sun energy and use solar thermal collectors to convert solar energy into heat

Why Opt for IBO to Buy Top-Quality Water Heaters?

Depending on the hot water requirements, you can buy geysers that are energy-efficient and durable. If you are planning to change your damaged water heater or buy a new geyser for your newly constructed home, you can find the best product at IBO at reasonable prices. IBO is a complete home improvement solutions provider where you can buy products to fulfill all your home improvement needs.

Our products including water heaters are available both online and offline. Being an omnichannel platform, IBO offers different products in different categories. IBO is a multi-category and multi-brand platform serving customers, retailers, contractors, and walk-in buyers. We offer a collection of genuine products at reasonable prices including geysers, water purifiers, inverters, electrical sockets, power accessories, vitrified tiles, bathroom wall tiles, kitchen tiles, electrical light fittings, ACCL, RCCB, inverter battery, paints, plywood laminates, connection pipes, and more.

IBO makes Home Improvement Easy and Hassle-Free

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1. How does a water heater/geyser work? 

The functioning of a water heater is very simple and it depends on the type of water heater you use. The conventional tank-type/storage water heaters, which are used in a majority of Indian homes, are powered by electricity or gas. As you switch on a storage water heater, cold water enters the tank and gets heated by the heating elements fixed inside the tank to supply you with warm water.

2. What are the different types of water heaters available? 

Some of the different types of water heaters available are:

  • - Gas water heater
  • - Electric water heater
  • - Solar water heater
  • - Storage water heater

3. How do I choose the right size water heater for my home?

To choose the right size of water heater for your home you should consider things like the capacity of the water heater, the safety features of your water heater, energy consumption, and the contemporary technology of the water heater.

4. How can I increase the efficiency of my geyser?

To enhance the efficiency of your geyser, follow the below tips:

  • - Avoid the excess consumption of hot water
  • - Avoid the wastage of hot water
  • - Replace the old plumbing fixtures with more efficient alternatives
  • - Lower the temperature on your water heater’s thermostat
  • - Insulate your hot- and cold-water pipes to reduce unwanted heat loss
  • - Invest in a tankless electric water heater

5. What maintenance does a water heater require?

You may need to flush your water heater periodically to remove sedimentation and scaling that gets deposited at the bottom of the geyser. Also, keep checking the temperature of the water heater as well as its pressure settings in case you see steam dispensing from it.

6. Why is my geyser making strange noises? 

With time and continuous usage, sediment buildup in water heaters takes place, especially for people living in areas with hard water supply. As the water heats up, steam bubbles form under the sediment and burst through it. This bursting of bubbles through sediments creates a popping sound.

7. What should I do if my geyser is leaking?

To check a leaking geyser, the first thing to do is to check the temperature-pressure relief valve. This particular valve helps release water from the tank when it builds up high pressure. Further, if there are faulty valves that are causing the leakage, you must instantly find and fix them.

8. How long does a water heater/geyser typically last?

On average, most water heaters may last over 8-12 years.

9. Can I install a water heater myself?

It is better to get a water heater installed through an expert/specialized plumber to avoid risks.

10. Are there any safety tips I should follow when using a water heater/geyser?

Below are some safety tips to follow while using a water heater/geyser:

  • - Check the temperature setting of the water heater
  • - Keep the water heater away from flammable objects
  • - Install the water heater away from the reach of children
  • - Make sure that your water heater is properly ventilated, especially the gas water heater
  • - Ensure that the safety checks are done through an expert once a year

11. What factors influence the price of a geyser?

Some factors that influence the price of a geyser are:

  • Type of water heater
  • Tank size or capacity of water heater
  • Energy -efficiency of the water heater
  • Type of venting used in the water heater

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