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An angle grinder is a tool used for several metal fabrication tasks. This is a hand-held machine powered by electricity that runs either through a battery or cord. The device is used to fabricate metal through grinding, abrasive cutting, polishing, and deburring. The angle grinder is also called a side grinder or disc grinder.

The tool was originally developed to fabricate rigid abrasive discs. However, in due course, it was used for versatile tasks with the help of several cutters using interchangeable power sources. The tool has an adjustable guard in the front and a side handle, making it a two-handed usage machine.

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Choosing the right size Angle Grinder to solve your multiple purposes

Most tasks that require an angle grinder's help are conducted over an extended period. Being a versatile tool, the angle grinder finds space in your workshop tool kit as it works fine with a variety of abrasive uses. With the right disc, an angle grinder can replace many other tools and also make the tedious tasks smooth. Further, with the right precautionary measures, angle grinders can even be used by beginners.

Let us consider the different types and sizes of Angle Grinders to find the right choice for your purpose:

Small Angle Grinders – Angle Grinders with 7 inches or less disc capacity are called small angle grinders. They are used in multiple grinding and cutting tasks. Angle Grinders of 4 inches and 4 and a half inches are the most common sizes used in the small devices, which come with a wheel capacity of up to 7 inches.

Small Angle Grinders generally come with a brushless motor where the brushes cannot be replaced regularly. This motor permits efficient task performance of the cordless models by limiting heat build-up for the tool to last long.

Medium and Large Size Angle Grinders – Angle grinders that use 7-inch discs are termed medium-size tools, whereas the ones that use discs size 7 to 9 inches are categorized as large-size angle grinders.

The large Angle Grinders are used for large cuts and scanning large surfaces in one pass. These angle grinders function with greater levels of horsepower (HP) and are normally corded. Also, most of the best-quality medium-size Angle grinders use motors with a capacity of 3 HP, whereas the large ones use a motor capacity of 5 HP.

Large Angle Grinders come with a safety feature against overload, which prevents the tool from breaking down even in case of substantial weight. You may replace the brush to protect the motor when required, as indicated by the auto shut-off alert feature of the tool. Some grinders come with adjustable side handles for greater flexibility.

Depending on your requirement of the different tasks to be performed with the help of an angle grinder, you can choose the small, medium, or large size angle grinders to suit your best purpose.

Kinds of Angle Grinders to Match Your Requirements

Below are the various kinds of angle grinders that are available:

  • Pneumatic Hand Angle Grinders: If you plan to use your angle grinder on metal work pieces to cut and shape them, you may use the pneumatic hand angle grinders. These hand-held angle grinder machinesallow a perfect combination of durability and execution, which serve the best purpose of light-duty jobs with greater precision. These power tools are needed to be connected to air compressor units. However, they are much lighter and allow accuracy of tasks.
  • Cordless Angle Grinders: These tools are best for practical purposes and are used in numerous tasks. Being cordless, they can be used without an electric connection and can be easily moved from one job location to another. They are especially used for grinding tasks on ladders. This is because, with cordless grinders, you can avoid tripping hazards due to the trailing cables. Further, by selecting large battery models, you can ease the concern of a regular power connection.
  • Corded Angle Grinders: The corded angle grinders require a dependable connection from a power outlet to use the device as long as possible by fixing it to the power source. Generally, corded angle grinders are less heavy as compared to cordless ones. You may use a small disc electric hand grinder for modest grinding and cutting jobs done regularly. However, just remember that depending on the angle grinder you choose, the design and vibration differ.
  • Variable Speed Angle Grinders: These angle grinders come with varying speeds and allow the user to set the discs at different speed levels to carry out a large number of activities. You may use these grinders at high RPM to complete your tasks effectively and with precision. Some models are fitted with paddle switches for improved control.
  • Straight Angle Grinders: These grinders are called straight angle grinders because their wheelset is at a 90-degree angle. These tools are perfect for polishing the outside edges as well as the interiors of different objects. They are better in some cases than the traditional angle grinders in terms of distinctive disc angles.

Safety Tips While Using Angle Grinder Tools

Safety while using the angle grinder is something that cannot be compromised. Hence, you are required to follow some safety measures while using the tool to avoid any harm:

  • - Always wear appropriate clothes for protection with a complete face shield
  • - Remember to use the safety switch feature. Also, make sure that the angle grinder is not plugged in at the time of changing wheels
  • - Keep any inflammable objects away from the spark produced while using the angle grinder
  • - Also, always wear safety gloves when working with the angle grinder to maintain power grip
  • - Ensure that the wheels of the angle grinder move away from the sharp edges. This will help in avoiding a blowback from the machine

Buy Top-Quality Angle Grinders at IBO: Your One-Stop Shop for all Home Improvement needs

When buying an Angle Grinder, you may choose the best tool as per your budget and the frequency of usage. Buying a high-end model may not be necessary if you plan to use the grinder only occasionally in a year. The angle grinder machine price varies according to the size, usage, and brand of the tool.

At IBO, you get the best Angle Grinder machine in India at reasonable prices at our offline stores across the country as well as online. Some of the top brands available with us are:

  • - Bosch Angle Grinder
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  • - Dongcheng Angle Grinder
  • - Black & Decker Angle Grinder, and
  • - Misun Angle Grinder

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1. What is RPM in an Angle Grinder?

RPM means ‘revolutions per minute’. The RPM ensures the functioning, smooth operation, and precision of an angle grinder. The angle grinders have different RPMs depending on the brand, size, and other elements. An angle grinder of medium size has a different RPM as compared to an angle grinder of large size.

2. What are the different types of angle grinders?

Here are the 5 different types of angle grinders as given below:-

  • - Cordless Angle Grinders
  • - Corded Angle Grinders
  • - Pneumatic Angle Grinders
  • - Variable Speed Angle Grinders
  • - Straight Angle Grinders

3. What are the primary uses of an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are used for various purposes, including the removal of rust and paint, cutting ceramic tiles, removing mortar, stone cutting, emergency rescue, cutting and cleaning of metal, sharpening and carving wood, and more.

4. How do I choose the right size of an angle grinder?

Angle Grinder useextends to multiple purposes in multiple fields. Depending on the particular use/purpose of the angle grinder, the size of the angle grinder varies. Generally, small-size angle grinders below 6 inches in size are used for tasks that need precision. On the other hand, large-size angle grinders of 6 inches and beyond are best for heavy usage.

5. On what type of power source does the angel grinder operate?

An electric motor is the key source of power for an angle grinder along with compressed air power sources.

6. Are angle grinders safe?

Angle Grinders are not safe for people who do not know how to handle the tool. In some cases, they may be dangerous since they are very fast, and the metal blade used in the tool operates at a very high speed. So, safety precautions should be maintained to avoid any harm, like wearing protective clothing, using it away from inflammable materials, wearing safety gloves, etc.

7. Can I use an angle grinder for cutting tiles?

For cutting tiles with angle grinders, you have to consider the blades you use. Some specific blades of angle grinders may cut through tiles.

8. How do I maintain my angle grinder?

You may follow some tips to maintain your angle grinder, such as keeping all parts of the grinder clean. When buying spare parts, buy only from a recognized supplier of the tool. If you use the angle grinder frequently, you must lubricate it almost every day.

Check that the bolts and screws of the angle grinder are tight. Ensure that the fittings are secure and that the power supply and electrical cables don’t have any wear and tear.

Overall, handle the machine carefully.

9. What factors determine an angle grinder machine price?

The angle grinder machine price is influenced by factors like brand, power, features, and the type of accessories it comes with.

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