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Can you imagine your ceiling fan at home running at a constant speed all through the year? If you can’t control the speed of your ceiling or table fan, the use of the fan will become futile. A fan regulator is a device used to control and change the speed of a fan. You can reduce or increase the speed of a fan with the help of the regulator, which utilizes the principle of resistance to function. Your fan gets a constant power supply. The regulator uses a series of resistances to change the fan speed for each level.

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Types of Fan Regulators

Fan regulators help control the speed of your fan and adjust it to suit your preferences. The regulator functions with the help of several wires with different resistances. You can add resistance by adjusting the knob and can reduce the fan voltage down to lower the fan speed as per your requirement. Hence, these ceiling fan regulators are essential as they conserve energy by controlling fan speed. This also helps control the costs of your electricity bill by adjusting the fan's speed. Below are the main fan regulator types:

  1. Resistive regulator – This is the most popular type of household ceiling fan regulator. The Resistive regulators are box-type regulators that come with a wire wound resistor and numerous contact points. The contact points of this resistor function as speed positions. Each speed position corresponds to a distinct resistance value. This resistance lowers the fan voltage and assigns a particular speed to each contact point.
  2. Phase angle-controlled regulator—In this case, the regulator uses some active devices. Here, the input supply to the fan is limited because of the use of resistors, which are then released as heat. Under constant input supply, the fan runs at all speeds, and the energy consumption remains the same. So, this fan regulator consumes less power than the resistive regulators.
  3. Inductive regulator – This type of fan regulator uses an inductive coil with a variety of contact points to control speed. These regulators support the low consumption of power and contribute to saving power.
  4. Capacitive/electronic regulators - The capacitor regulator controls the voltage of the fan, which determines the speed of the fan. These regulators are reliable as compared to electronic-type regulators. They operate quietly without any noise and provide linear speed control. There are two common varieties of these regulators - Movable type and Step type.

What are the benefits of using a fan regulator?

A regulator of a fan is a tool that controls the speed of a fan. Without the regulator, the fan will move at a constant speed, making it difficult for the user to adjust the speed as per their preference. Here are some benefits of using a fan regulator:






Key Components to Take Note of While Buying the Right Ceiling Fan Regulator

Below are some components based on which you may plan to buy a suitable fan regulator for your house:

  • Consider the room size – To buy the best fan regulator, it is important to consider the size of the room where you are installing the fan. You can use tape to measure the room size and select the blade span depending on the results.
  • Consider the material and finish of the blade - The blade of the fan is another important thing to consider. You can choose the ideal blade that is rust-proof, allows good air circulation, has beautiful décor, is easy to use, etc, to suit your requirements.
  • Consider the fan motor – The fan motor is, again, a significant consideration and cannot be ignored while buying a fan. A good motor will ensure good air circulation and smooth operation for a long duration.
  • Consider energy efficiency – This is again an important factor to consider if you want to control the monthly electricity bills of your house.

Why Choose IBO to Buy Top-Quality Fan Regulators?

Ceiling fan regulators are essential for controlling the speed of fans. They are available in different types and quality at various price ranges. At IBO, we bring you the best product of superior quality at a reasonable price. We are your complete home improvement solution provider and offer a host of products and items to enhance the décor of your house. We also make sure to bring you products that meet the criteria of international standard quality checks for consistent performance.

If you are planning to buy a regulator, the simple way is to buy a fan regulator onlinefrom IBO. You can check the varied range of fan regulators available on IBO online to find the one that suits your requirements well.

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A Fan Regulator is a small device that is used to control the speed of a fan motor. The main purpose of the regulator is to control the speed of the fan motor as per the needs of the user.


A fan regulator consists of a spool of wire with varied resistance amounts. When the knob of a fan is set at a specific position, a certain resistance is included in series with the fan. A series connection suggests that the resistance is in line with the fan. This reduces the voltage drop across the fan and its speed to your desired level. The greater the resistance, the higher the voltage drop across it, and that lowers the speed of the fan.


Yes, fan regulators are available in different types, such as;

  • - Resistive regulator
  • - Phase angle-controlled regulator
  • - Inductive regulator
  • - Capacitive regulator


Capacitive regulators are regarded as the best fan regulator type that provides linear speed control and functions without any noise.


Modular fan regulators contribute to energy efficiency and savings because when the fan runs at a low speed, it helps conserve power and energy as compared to when the fan runs at only 1 speed.


The traditional fan regulator is cheap as it controls the voltage and the speed of the fan using resistors. That is the reason why the traditional fan regulator consumes more electricity. Alternatively, the modular fan regulator uses a capacitor and consumes very low power. However, it is costlier than the traditional fan regulator.


Fan motors and regulators are designed in different ways, and many technologies may not be compatible with each other. Hence, depending on the technology, it may or may not be possible for a fan regulator to be installed on any type of fan.


The technology used to design a regulator, the material with which it is made, and several other factors influence the price of a fan regulator.


Yes, smart regulators are available at a higher price as compared to conventional regulators.

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