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Much as the saying goes, ‘the beauty lies in the details,’ tiles are integral to your home’s overall appearance. There are many ways you can make your home unique and truly your own by choosing the best flooring materials, which makes them a showstopper, always. IBO has adorned homes with delight, exuberance and vivaciousness, resounding with its home improvement products' quality, strength and durability over the years. The premium tiles by IBO come in various unique designs with graceful colour schemes that make each tile a masterpiece on its own. With IBO, you can end your extensive searches for the "best tile stores near me" or "flooring stores near me" when we have got your back!

At IBO, you can find a wide range of tiles from leading brands like Kajaria, Eternity, Somany, Sunhearrt, Clayart, and Blackberry, to name a few. Crafted to perfection, our wide range of premium quality wall and floor tiles cater to those who appreciate the finer things in life. With IBO, you can buy premium tiles online or offline at cost-effective prices.

Products We Offer

Every living space is an amalgamation of different kinds of materials. And tiles are one of the most important ones when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home. So choosing the right tiles for your need and lifestyle within the home is important for all homeowners. To end your search for ‘tile stores near me,’ IBO brings you this guide to choosing and buying high-quality tiles at the best prices online and offline for your home.

Buy from a Reputed Brand

One might think there is no difference between tiles from a local brand and a reputed brand. But the reality is that there they are divergent from each other. IBO is India’s largest home building and improvement destination for retailers, where customers can buy from our online stores or our e-commerce stores. IBO has a huge collection of more than 1200 tile designs, which will match your style and last many years. You can end your search for ‘tile shops near me’ with IBO as your home improvement partner.

Consider your Living Space

While searching for floor shops near me on Google, make sure you check the dimensions of your living space beforehand. When choosing the tile size, make sure there is minimum wastage during installation. You can choose large-sized tiles for your living room, bedroom and dining room and smaller ones for the kitchen and bathroom. One must note that large tiles create fewer joint lines and impart spaciousness.

Pick the Right Tile Finish

The next thing you must consider is finishing the tiles you are shortlisting. Choosing the right finish for the tile can give the illusion of a bigger room. Ceramic tile flooring has an attractive mirror-like sheen which adds brightness and gives the home a spacious look. The glossy tiles should not be used in areas like bathrooms or kitchens because they tend to become slippery when wet. You can use vinyl flooring for areas like bedrooms and living rooms, which are non-reflective in nature and do not show stains or dirt easily.

Choose the Right Colour and Pattern

The colour and pattern of the tiles of your home blend every piece of furniture and design aesthetics together. Hence, you must spend an extra minute deciding which colour and pattern would suit best in your home. You can choose to go for vitrified floor tiles or concrete tiles if you want to keep it simple, and you can go for mosaic or textured flooring if you want to add a modern twist to your home.

Check the Tile Porosity

Another critical feature you must not miss before choosing the best tile for your home is porosity. The porosity of a tile is determined by the ratio of air holes to solids during a tile, which impacts the quantity of water it absorbs. If you install tiles in your bathroom or parking space, pay close attention to the type of tile you choose for the particular area.

Check Slip Resistance

Most tiles have the tendency to become slippery if they become wet. Hence, areas like bathrooms, kitchens, parking spaces etc., require a careful approach while choosing the correct tile. When buying tiles online, read the tile specifications and reviews carefully to avoid accidents.

Grout it Right

The next important thing to do is choose the right grout colour. A contrasting grout will enhance the line and design, while a grout in a complimentary colour scheme gives the tiles a subtle effect. Ensure that the grouted areas are sealed to prevent staining. IBO deals in high-quality tile grouts to maximise to look and appeal of the overall outcome of the tiling.

Calculate the Overall Price

The last thing you need to do is calculate the exact number of tiles you need and calculate the cost once analysing the number of tiles you need. You must keep a budget in mind so that you do not get overboard with the choices, and choosing the floor tiles can become a little easier.

Top Tile Types

The last thing you need to do is calculate the exact number of tiles you need and calculate the cost once analysing the number of tiles you need. You must keep a budget in mind so that you do not get overboard with the choices, and choosing the floor tiles can become a little easier.

Here are the different types of tiles you can buy from IBO:

  • Vitrified Tiles -Vitrified tiles are somewhat similar to traditional ceramic tiles but include silica in the mix. The silica in the tile mix allows the tiles to retain the original sheen even after several years of use. Vitrified floor tiles are available in various finishes, including anti-skid coating. The tiles have low porosity, which makes them stain resistant.
  • Ceramic Tiles - Ceramic tile floorings are made up of white, brown and red clay that has been fired in a kiln. These types of tiles are available in glazed and unglazed varieties. Ceramic tiles are scratch and stain resistant and are good to install as flooring, kitchen backsplash, wall cladding and wall decor.
  • Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl is a synthetic flooring material that gives the impression of wood and feels like stone. The PVC Vinyl flooring is a price-efficient option if you have pets in your house to prevent skidding. Vinyl flooring can be installed without breaking or damaging the existing floor.

Welcome To Your One-Stop for All Home Improvement Needs in India

When it comes to home improvement in India, IBO is where you can find everything under one roof. We offer a wide range of home construction products from all the best brands. IBO is an omnichannel, multi-category, and multi-brand format where consumers, retailers and contractors can purchase from our offline stores based around the country and/or from our online store, which offers streamlined home necessities buying journeys for our esteemed customers.

IBO offers a wide range of high-quality products, including power tool accessories, decorative lights for the house, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings for the home, vitrified floor tiles, paints and adhesives, plywood, sliding door wardrobe fittings, connection pipe for the wash basin, kitchen sink, kitchen faucets and many more. All these products are guaranteed to be 100% original, come with comprehensive product information, and are available at wholesale prices.

Make Home Improvement Simple with IBO

  • Convenience of Home Delivery - At IBO, customers can avail of the convenience of home delivery and get the products right at their doorstep within 72 hours of placing the order.
  • Multiple Touchpoints - We have several touchpoints where you can get the latest updates, discounts and offers.
    • - Connect with us on our different social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for any query.
    • - Get in touch with us at our toll-free number - 1800-572-8344.
  • Easy Payment Modes - You have many flexible payment options available while shopping at IBO, like Pay on Delivery, UPI, Credit and Debit Cards, Net Banking, and IBO Wallet for ease of paying. Thus, making IBO your favourite and accessible outlet for wholesale Tiles or Flooring shop near you needs.


Which type of tiles is the best for your home?

There are numerous types of tiles for your entire home. Not every type of tile can suit every corner of your home. Hence you must consider the area of your home and then begin your search to buy the suitable one. IBO can be your one-stop shop for an extensive range of tiles, including ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, vitrified tiles and much more. IBO also deals in tile tools and accessories so that all your requirements are fulfilled on one platform.

Which is the best type of tile for my bathroom?

Home areas like the bathroom have the tendency to become slippery when they become wet. Hence it is smart to look for tiles with anti-skid as a feature to avoid slipperiness. Hence go for porcelain or ceramic tiles to suit well with your bathroom. You can also search for tiles for your bathroom on IBO, where you can order different tools and accessories as well.

What are some of the most popular floor tile categories?

Nowadays, the market is mushrooming with different types of floor tiles such as vitrified, ceramic, anti-skid, glazed vitrified, and so much more. Some of the most popular floor tile categories are vitrified, forever and anti-skid. Explore the IBO official website or visit the offline stores to explore the different varieties of popular floor tile categories.

Is ceramic a durable material for residential purposes?

Yes. Ceramics is one of the ideal choices for residential purposes. To optimise the durability of ceramic tiles, one must ensure the subfloor or base on which the tiling will be glued should be flat, stable and without irregularities. You can always read the manufacturers’ recommendations to choose the best tile for your house.

Can floor tiles be installed on walls or wall tiles on the floor?

Generally, any floor tile can be installed as wall tile, though in most cases, it is not recommended to do so due to irregular surfaces and different types of tiles available in the market. In such cases, one can search for floor tiles and wall tiles on IBO and get their preferred type on one platform manufactured by leading brands like Kajaria Eternity, Somany and Blackberry, to name a few.

Are Vinyl tiles non-slippery?

Yes. Vinyl tiles have an anti-skid feature that can prevent a person from slipping. Due to vinyl tile’s anti-skid nature, the tiles are perfect for installation on the bathroom or kitchen floor, which have a maximum tendency to remain wet.

How can I calculate the number of tiles I need?

Firstly, you need to calculate the area for which you need the tiles. Then, divide the area by the size of the tile in the box. This will give you an estimate of the number of tiles you would require to cover an area. On IBO, you can check the dimensions of the tiles easily by clicking on the tile you choose and ordering them at your convenience.

What are the different modes of buying from IBO?

IBO is an omnichannel retail home improvement brand where customers can shop by visiting our website - www.ibo.com or downloading the IBO APP. Customers can also buy products offered by IBO by visiting any of the IBO in Ranigunj, OMR, Padur or Sarjapur.

IBO also allows customers to place orders by calling our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344 or by connecting with us on Whatsapp at +91- 08068433112. The team of IBO experts are just a call away to help you buy and deliver products to their doorstep across different categories such as tiles, plywood, electrical, plumbing, paints, hardware, tools, fans, lighting, wires, switches and other products.

Does IBO sell genuine electrical products?

IBO is a trusted brand that sells 100% genuine electrical products from top brands like Havells, Legrand, Finolex, Schneider Electric, AO Smith, Crompton, Anchor, Bajaj, and Great White Electricals, to name a few. Visit IBO in Ranigunj - Hyderabad, OMR, Padur - Chennai and Sarjapur - Bengaluru to see the fine quality of electricals we house.

Does IBO offer the best price?

IBO is an everyday low-price store with wholesale pricing across all categories throughout the year. You can shop from LED bulbs to outdoor lights, ceiling fans to pedestal fans, and much more without worrying about the prices at all. To know more, you can get in touch with us -

  • - On our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344
  • - On WhatsApp here - (91-9902521060)
  • - Connect with customer care at [email protected]

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