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Buy High-Quality Ceramic Tiles at the Best Prices from IBO

Whether it is your bedroom, living room, office room, bathroom, or simply the parking space, the aesthetics of the place can create a lasting impression on your mind. If you are looking at redoing your house with modern yet contemporary design aesthetics, tiles are one of the most critical aspects involved. When we talk about tiles, versatile, durable and stylish ceramic tiles create a unique and appealing atmosphere for every residential space. Being known for stain and water-resistant properties, ceramic tiles keep your space looking elegant and bright for years to come. Ceramic tiles can completely transform the entire aesthetics and vibe of any space. If you are looking to buy ceramic tiles, look no further. IBO Wholesale offers diverse ceramic tiles for a range of spaces. Our premium and price-efficient collection of ceramic tiles is a showstopper and has the ability to make any dimension look grand.
On IBO Wholesale, you can find a range of ceramic tiles online in India, from one-of-a-kind handcrafted options to vintage treasures ready to be loved again. From the latest trends to all-time classics, you will find a number of choices, but the list is endless. Jumpstart your space with IBO Wholesale, as you can find a wide range of ceramic tiles from leading brands such as Sunhearrt, Orient Bell, Nitco and Delfina, to name a few. The ceramic tiles from various brands at IBO Wholesale use special technology that makes them durable and stylish. Give a pause to your endless search for “ceramic tiles near me” and add fresh dynamism to your home. Buy ceramic tiles from our exhaustive list of tiles with IBO Wholesale on offer for you.

Types of Ceramic Tiles

The tile market is filled with numerous varieties of ceramic tiles for you to choose from, ranging from 3D ceramic wall tiles, stone ceramic tiles, and decorative wall tiles to parking floor tiles. Here are the types of ceramic tiles at cost-effective prices you can find on IBO Wholesale.

Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic wall tiles are one of the most commonly used types of ceramic tiles. They are durable and designed specifically for wall tiling purposes. Most of the ceramic wall tiles are glazed with a semi-gloss or matte finish. If you are looking for the best place to buy ceramic tiles, IBO Wholesale’s wide range of tiles can help you.

Ceramic Floor Tile

Ceramic floor tiles are another one of the most popular choices of ceramic tiles for homes due to their durable properties. Due to this property, ceramic floor tiles can withstand years of wear and tear in both interior and exterior applications.

Ceramic Parking Tile

Ceramic parking tiles are rated for their scratch resistance and durability features. The ruggedness and wear and tear capabilities of ceramic parking tiles can last you for many years to come.

Ceramic Elevation Tile

Ceramic elevation tiles are made with superior-quality ceramic material. Apart from being sturdy and scratch-resistant, most homeowners use ceramic elevation tiles to bring a hint of beauty to their interior and exterior home spaces.

How to Choose Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramics is one of the best materials for your space, offering endless design versatility and great durability. Whether you want to create a humble abode or a stylish space, the sheer number of ceramic tiles at various price ranges available may confuse and overwhelm you. However, if you are going through the selection process of ceramic tiles for your home and feel overwhelmed with the limitless possibilities, here are some tips for choosing the best ceramic tiles for your space.

Picture Your Space First

Before you begin your search for a ceramic tiles shop near me, it is essential to picture your space first and then select the appropriate tile to suit your needs. When choosing the tile size for your preferred space, ensure that there is minimum wastage during the installation process.

Select the Right Kind of Tile

Even though ceramic tiles are versatile and durable, the tiles follow a process aimed at solving specific space and placement problems. For instance, the ceramic tiles for your bathroom must resist water absorption and slippage. Similarly, the ceramic tiles in your parking space must be durable and resistant to regular wear and tear. Thus, you must look for ceramic tiles that fit perfectly into the space you are aiming at.

Choose the Size of the Tile

Although the design of ceramic tiles is an important parameter in choosing the best tile for your home, the size is also important. Given that there are endless options when it comes to the size of the ceramic tiles, you need to select the right size for your space. Calculate the overall carpet area of the space or ask an expert to calculate for you, and then select the right tile size for your space.

Pick the Ideal Tile Finish

From ceramic wall tile, floor tile and parking tile to elevation tile; there are many types of tile finishes on offer for you. Pick a tile finish that best fits your space and is easy to maintain. You can choose an anti-skid ceramic tile for your bathroom or kitchen space and elevation tile for the outer walls of your home.

Ceramic Tile Care and Maintenance Tips

Ceramic tiles are incredibly durable, and a few easy care and maintenance tips can keep the ceramic tiles sparkling and spot-free. Follow these simple steps to clean your ceramic tiles:

Clean up Dust and Lose Debris

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming your ceramic tile floor and walls is advisable to keep them from getting dull. Ceramic tiles may be dust-resistant, but dirt and sand can dull the glazed surfaces easily. You can keep a vacuum cleaner handy to clean up dust and lose debris on a regular basis.

Select the Right Floor Mop

Choose a cleaning material that suits the surface of your ceramic tiles. One useful piece of advice is to go for a rag rather than a sponge mop, as the latter pushes dirty water back into the grout lines, making them even harder to clean.

Keep a Regular Check on Tile Stains

If you spot any discolouration or stain on the surface of your ceramic tile, for instance, your kitchen floor, it is advisable to clean the spot right away with a cleaning solution. Examine the reason for the discolouration of the tile to avoid such incidences in the future.

Watch for Soap Residue

If you feel the surface looks hazy after regularly cleaning the floor, you might be dealing with soap residue. You might have to upgrade your cleaning solution to remove the soap residue to get away with this.

Dry the Tiles

One useful tip for keeping your ceramic tiles brand new for many years is to avoid air-drying methods. Doing this can leave unwanted water spots on the surface of your tiles. Instead, take care of your tiles by drying the floor with a clean and lint-free cloth immediately after moping.

Welcome To Your One-Stop for All Home Improvement Needs in India

Regarding home improvement in India, IBO is India’s leading home furnishing brand, where you can find it all. You can find everything from plywood and laminates, paints and adhesives to a wide range of tiles, all under one platform. At IBO Wholesale, we ensure a seamless buying experience every time you decide to buy from us, in-store or online. Among a flurry of products from leading home furnishing brands, we have everything you could need under one roof. IBO Wholesale is an omnichannel, multi-category, and multi-brand format where consumers, retailers and contractors can purchase their favourite products online or offline stores.
From hardware to kitchen appliances and faucets to ceramic tiles, you will always be spoilt for choice at IBO Wholesale but never be left confused. IBO Wholesale takes pride in offering you a wide range of high-quality products, including power tool accessories, decorative lights for the house, electrical wholesale items, electrical light fittings for the home, vitrified floor tiles, paints and adhesives, plywood, laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, connection pipe for the wash basin, and much more under one roof. All the products offered by IBO are guaranteed to be 100% genuine, have comprehensive product information, and have wholesale prices to suit every consumer.

Make Home Improvement Simple with IBO Wholesale

Convenience of Home Delivery - At IBO Wholesale, customers can avail of the convenience of home delivery and get the products right at their doorstep within 72 hours of placing the order.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

What are the different modes of buying from IBO Wholesale?

IBO is an omnichannel retail home improvement wholesale brand in India, where customers can shop by visiting our website - www.ibo.com or downloading the IBO APP. Customers can also buy products offered by IBO by visiting any of the IBO Wholesale offline stores in Ranigunj-Hyderabad or OMR, Padur - Chennai or Sarjapur - Bengaluru.
IBO Wholesale also allows customers to place orders by calling our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344 or by connecting with us on Whatsapp at +91-9902521060. The team of IBO experts are just a call away to assist you in buying and delivering products to your doorstep across different categories such as ceramic tiles, plywood and laminates, electrical, plumbing, paints, hardware, tools, fans, lighting, wires, switches and other products.

Does IBO Wholesale sell genuine ceramic tiles?

IBO Wholesale is a trusted brand that sells 100% genuine ceramic tiles such as ceramic wall tiles, floor tiles, parking tiles and elevation tiles from top brands like Sunhearrt, Somany, Orient Bell and Kajaria, to name a few. Visit IBO Wholesale in Ranigunj - Hyderabad, OMR, Padur - Chennai and Sarjapur - Bengaluru to see the fine quality of our kitchen fixtures and appliances.

Does IBO Wholesale offer the best price?

IBO Wholesale is your everyday one-stop destination for low-price online and offline solutions with wholesale pricing across all categories throughout the year. You can shop from single-bowl sinks to double-bowl sinks and a wide range of kitchen appliances under one roof without worrying about the prices at all. To know more, contact us by -
● On our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344
● On WhatsApp here - (91-9902521060)
● Connect with customer care at [email protected]

What type of ceramic tiles are best for the living room?

Since your living room is a leisure room where you can relax and share a word or two with your family, the ceramic tiles you choose for the space must be stylish yet practical. Explore the wide range of ceramic floor tiles at IBO Wholesale from leading brands like Kajaria, Somany, Sunhearrt and much more to choose the best pick for you.

Are ceramic wall tiles best for shower walls?

Yes. The shower walls of your bathroom face a different kind of challenge compared to other house tiles. The shower walls tend to become wet and air-dry after usage. You need to select a ceramic wall tile that does not leave watermarks on the tile after multiple uses. You can explore a wide range of ceramic wall tiles at IBO Wholesale and accentuate your shower walls which are practical at the same time.

Which is better, matte or glossy ceramic tiles?

The type of ceramic tile one chooses is a highly subjective matter. All types of ceramic tiles, whether matte or glossy, look beautiful in your living space. You need to select the one that suits your space, have the right texture and design and fits your budget requirements. Explore the various types of ceramic tiles on the IBO Wholesale website to make an informed decision.

How to remove paint from ceramic tiles?

Although paint is not an easy-to-remove substance, irrespective of the tile type, you can still remove the stain using a scraper. Be mindful while using a scraper, as it can leave scratches on the surface of your ceramic tiles. Go for non-sharp objects like a nail paint remover to rub the pain stain with a sponge from the surface of the ceramic tile.

What type of ceramic tile is best for the bedroom?

Both the floor and wall of your bathroom tend to get wet due to multiple uses. Go for a ceramic wall tile and floor tile that is scratch-resistant and skid-resistant to last you for many years. If you are on the lookout for ceramic wall and floor tiles, IBO Wholesale has everything you need. The tiles we offer are from leading brands so that you can choose the best for your bathroom.