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IBO: Your Destination for Ceiling Fans for Home and Office Spaces

When constructing a home for yourself, many important things must be considered. A home should be airy and well-ventilated to prevent it from being stuffy and heated up. To ensure the same, it is important to have windows or open spaces like ventilators in your house to receive sunlight and air in ample amounts. At the same time, it is also important to install the right ceiling fans.

India is a country where you cannot think of living without a ceiling fan in most parts. Ceiling fans are not just necessities; they are a part of a home for almost every Indian household.

On a hot and sultry day, the first thing we want to reach out to is the ceiling fan switch. Even if you have an AC at home, the ceiling fan is still the first option you rely on to fight the humid climate of India. So, if you plan to buy a ceiling fan for your home or office, the best destination is IBO stores located in multiple Indian cities. IBO offers ceiling fans from top brands like Orient, Atomberg, Halonix, Usha, ceiling fan Crompton, and Havells, among others.

For the best ceiling fan near you, make IBO your ultimate destination.

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your house

A ceiling fan is a must-have for every household in India, no matter where you live. To choose the best ceiling fan, you must check your requirements and select accordingly. Knowing the types of ceiling fans available is one important aspect of buying the device. Let's look at the different types of ceiling fans available in the market.

Types of Ceiling Fans available in India

Various ceiling fans are available to cater to different needs of people. The classification is mainly based in terms of size. Let’s take a look here:

  • - Standard Ceiling Fans: These ceiling fans are mostly available in Indian households and come with traditional features. This device comes with three to four metal blades, which are positioned above or under the motor. These ceiling fans have their mounting brackets connected to the motor housing. They are mostly mounted on flat ceilings.
  • - Low Profile Ceiling Fans: These ceiling fans, also termed flush-installed fans, are bracket mounted. They suit well in spaces that are small and under 8 feet. Being low profile, these fans may not generate enough airflow, so their capacity to cool down is lower than other fans. They may not be fit for hot climatic conditions.
  • - Dual Motor Ceiling Fans: As the name implies, these fans come with two motors. The two motors allow the fans to receive maximum airflow. These are high-quality fans that are attached to horizontal rods. These rods control the identical fan heads. They come in unique designs that give them an attractive appeal.
  • - Smart Ceiling Fans: Most home appliances available these days come with smart, intelligent techniques. Like other appliances, ceiling fans have also evolved with excellent features. Smart ceiling fans are laden with features that help users to control them from their smartphones. Also, some of them are available with light kits.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Use?

  • - Location: The place where you install the ceiling fan is the most important thing to consider while buying the right one. Depending on whether you are placing it indoors or outside, you may search for the product to suit your needs.
  • - Fan Size: This is another critical consideration. You may choose the fan size per the area of the space where you are installing it. Depending on the capacity of the fan motor to circulate air and regulate temperature, the fan size can be selected.
  • - Fan Style: With the availability of numerous fan styles, features, and blades to choose from, you can pick ceiling fans to match the style of your home décor.
  • - Budget: Different ceiling fans are available at different price ranges. As per your pocket and the features you want, you can choose the fan to meet your needs. As per your budget, you can choose a ceiling fan from Havells, a ceiling fan from Orient, or any other brand for your purpose.

Buy Excellent Quality Ceiling Fans at IBO: Your destination for home Improvement needs

Along with being a necessity, ceiling fans are also the most convenient and cheapest devices that fit easily into your budget. These fans function in a way that they circulate air inside a room to get the cooling effect. They are not mechanized to reduce the air temperature. Shop for the best quality ceiling fans from IBO at a discounted price, your true destination for all home improvement needs.

Being an omnichannel platform, IBO works in multi-brand and multi-category formats. The list of IBO patrons includes retailers, contractors, and regular customers who buy from IBO offline stores across multiple cities and through online presence.

Besides ceiling fans, IBO also offers a range of quality goods for home improvement, like paint for exterior walls, power tool accessories, decorative lights, electrical items, electrical light fittings, vitrified floor tiles, parking tiles, bathroom wall tiles, kitchen tiles, paints and adhesives, plywood laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, and connection pipe for the wash basin, kitchen sink, kitchen faucets, electrical sockets, ACCL, RCCB, inverter battery, and more. Come and explore the IBO store for 100% genuine products at reasonable prices.

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​1. What are the different types of ceiling fans?

Standard ceiling fans, Ceiling fan downrods, Low-profile ceiling fans, Dual motor ceiling fans, Smart ceiling fans, Outdoor ceiling fans, Commercial ceiling fans, Energy star ceiling fans, etc.

2. How do I choose the right size of ceiling fan for a room?

To choose the best ceiling fan size for your room, you may consider the pros and cons of each type of fan available to match your requirements. It will depend on whether you are buying it for your home or a commercial space.

3. Do ceiling fans come with lights?

Depending on the brand of the ceiling fan, it may come with or without lights fixed at the center of the fan. If you want ceiling fans with lights, you must check the brands that offer them and choose one that suits your needs. USHA, Crompton, and Luxaire are some brands that offer designer ceiling fans with lights.

4. How do I clean and maintain a ceiling fan?

  • - Vacuum and dust the fan regularly
  • - Clean the motor of the fan
  • - Lubricate the bearings of the ceiling fan frequently
  • - Keep the screws tightened

5. What factors should I consider when choosing a ceiling fan?

Things to consider when buying a ceiling fan:

  • - The size of the fan and the ceiling height should be such that it serves as the right fit for your space
  • - Two small ceiling fans can be used if the space is large to make it airy with optimum circulation
  • - Also, consider the design of the fan in terms of your home décor to enhance the beauty of the room
  • - Checking the airflow of the ceiling fan is another important aspect to consider to check how well it works

6. How often should I replace my ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans generally last for a maximum of 10 years without much hassle. However, it depends on how much the fan has been used.

7. What is the ideal height for installing a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans should be mounted at a minimum height of 7 feet from the floor. For optimal flow of air, a ceiling fan may be installed 8-9 feet above the ground.

8. Are there smart ceiling fans available?

Yes, smart ceiling fans are available for home and commercial spaces with features like remote, Alexa, apps, and more. You can buy smart ceiling fans online from the IBO store.

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