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Paints play a vital role in our homes, transforming barren and dull spaces into visually appealing and cosy environments. From our walls to our furniture, paints bring colour, texture, and personality to every aspect of our living spaces. Beyond their aesthetic qualities, paints also protect our homes from harmful substances, ensuring a safe living environment. Whether you're renovating a room or simply adding a fresh coat of paint, the impact of paints in our homes cannot be overstated. With IBO, you can accomplish this task as we have an extensive selection of interior-, exterior paints, emulsions, primers, thinners and much more all under one roof. Once you visit us, we will surely become your preferred choice for paints and adhesive products store near me.

Adhesives are the unsung heroes of our homes, providing the invisible bond that holds our daily lives together. From repairing a broken vase to hanging pictures on the wall, adhesives play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and durability of our household items. Their versatility and strength make them indispensable in various DIY projects, allowing us to bring our creative visions to life with ease. So when you next require glue, duct tape or masking tape and search for "adhesive products and wall paints shops near me", don’t forget to visit us.

At IBO, you can find a wide range of paints and adhesives from leading brands like Nippon, Nerolac, Dulux, Berger, Asian Paints, Fevicol, Dr. Fixit, to name a few. We value our customers and their time and thus offer both the options of shopping offline and online for paints, adhesives, sealants, waterproofing etc. at wholesale prices by visiting our physical stores in OMR-Padur (Chennai), Sarjapur Road (Bengaluru), Ranigunj (Hyderabad) and through our website and IBO App.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Paints and Adhesives for Your Home

What are paints?

Paints are liquid substances that are applied to surfaces to provide protection and decorative finishes. They are made up of a blend of pigments, binders, solvents, and other ingredients that are designed to adhere to the surface being painted. They are used in various applications, including painting the interior and exterior of buildings, decorating furniture and other household items, and creating works of art. Different types of paints are available for different surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, concrete, and masonry, and they come in a range of colours, finishes, and textures.

Types of Paints

  • Latex Paint: It is water-based and has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels, making it eco-friendly and safe to use indoors. It dries up quickly and is easy to clean up with soap and water.
  • Oil-based Paint: It is also known as alkyd paint and is made from petroleum products. It is durable and resistant to moisture, but it has high VOC levels and takes longer to dry. Clean-up requires solvents like mineral spirits.
  • Acrylic Paint: It is a type of water-based paint that dries quickly and has low VOC levels. It is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces and is available in a wide range of finishes, including gloss, semi-gloss, and satin.
  • Epoxy paint: it is a type of two-part paint that consists of a resin and a hardener. When combined, they provide a robust and durable covering that is resistant to erosion, chemicals, and dampness. It is commonly used for concrete surfaces, such as garage floors and patios, as well as for metal surfaces, such as boats and machinery.
  • Enamel paint: It is made with a base of oil or synthetic resins and pigments. It dries to a strong, glossy surface that is abrasion- and chemical-resistant. It is commonly used for metal surfaces, such as doors and appliances.

    You will not need to visit different wholesale paint dealers near you as IBO houses everything you need in one place from recognisable and esteemed brands like Dulux, Berger, Asian Paints, Fevicol, ABRO, DR.FiXIT, Gala and many more.

Differentiation of Paints Based on the Surfaces they are Applied on:

When choosing paint for a specific surface, it is important to consider the surface type, intended use, and desired finish. Various types of paints are designed for different surfaces and will have specific features to suit the surface they are applied on.

  • Wooden Surfaces: For wooden surfaces such as furniture, trim, and cabinetry, oil-based paint or water-based paint can be used. For outdoor wooden surfaces, such as decks and fences, water-resistant paint is recommended.
  • Concrete Surfaces: For concrete surfaces such as garage floors, countertops, and patios, epoxy paint is a good choice as it dries to a hard, glossy finish and is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is crucial to properly prepare the concrete surface before applying epoxy paint, as any dirt, grime, or other contaminants can affect the adhesion of the paint. Additionally, some concrete surfaces may require the use of a concrete sealer or primer before applying the epoxy paint for best results.
  • Metal Surfaces: Enamel paint or epoxy paint are good choices for metal surfaces like doors, window frames, and appliances because they are long-lasting and resistant to chemicals and abrasion.
  • Glass Surfaces: For glass surfaces, such as mirrors, windows, and shower doors, a special type of paint known as glass paint is recommended. This type of paint is designed to adhere to glass and create a decorative effect. They are used to add colour, patterns, and designs to glass surfaces and to provide privacy. Glass paint is typically water-based and dries to a clear, glossy finish. It can also be removable, which is useful for temporary or seasonal designs.
  • Drywall and Plaster Surfaces: For interior walls and ceilings, water-based paint or acrylic paint are suitable options. They are great for indoor usage because of their minimal emissions and simple maintenance.

What is a primer?

Primer is a type of paint that is applied to surfaces before the final paint coating. Primers are designed to prepare the surface for painting by providing a smooth and even base for the paint to adhere to. They can also assist to hide any imperfections on the surface and improve the overall appearance of the final paint job. Primers come in different types, such as oil-based and water-based, and are chosen based on the type of surface being painted and the type of paint that will be applied over it.

What is distemper?

Distemper is a type of paint that is made from a mixture of water, pigments, and binders, such as chalk or gypsum. It is a low-cost paint that is commonly used for interior walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings. Distemper dries to a chalky, matte finish and is known for its excellent covering power. However, it is not as durable or long-lasting as other types of paint, and it may need to be reapplied more frequently.

What is emulsion?

An emulsion is a type of paint that is made by mixing water and oil-based substances, such as resins, together. The mixture forms a stable, creamy substance that can be applied to walls and other surfaces. Emulsions are commonly used for interior walls and ceilings because they dry quickly and are easy to clean. They are also less toxic and have low fumes compared to oil-based paints.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Paint for Your Homes

  • Surface: The type of surface you are painting (e.g. wood, metal, plaster, or masonry) will determine the type of paint you need. Some paints are specially formulated for specific surfaces, so it's important to select the right one to ensure proper adhesion and durability.
  • Room type: The type of room you are painting (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, living room) will also play a role in your paint selection. For example, bathrooms and kitchens require moisture-resistant paint, while living rooms and bedrooms can be painted with a wide range of paints.
  • Colour: The colour of the paint will also affect the look and feel of the room. Consider the natural light in the room, the existing furniture and decor, and the desired mood when choosing a colour.
  • Finish: The finish of the paint (e.g. matte, semi-gloss, gloss) will affect the look and durability of the painted surface. For example, a matte finish will provide a soft, velvety look, while a gloss finish will provide a high-shine, reflective look.
  • Budget: Paint can vary greatly in price, with higher quality paints generally costing more. Consider the size of the room, the number of coats required, and the type of paint when deciding on a budget.
  • VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals in paint that can emit fumes into the air. Consider choosing low-VOC or VOC-free paints, especially if you have allergies or chemical sensitivities.

What are adhesives?

Adhesives are substances used to bind two surfaces together by forming a strong bond. They are utilised in a range of applications, from construction and manufacturing to household repairs and crafting. Adhesives can be divided into two main categories: non-reactive and reactive.

  • Non-reactive adhesives, such as glues and tapes, work by physically sticking to the surfaces being bonded. Examples of non-reactive adhesives include white glue, superglue, and duct tape.
  • Reactive adhesives, on the other hand, form a chemical bond with the surfaces being bonded. They are activated by heat, light, or chemical reactions and are commonly used in applications that require a strong, permanent bond. Examples of reactive adhesives include epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and two-part adhesives.

Types of adhesives

  • a. Cyanoacrylate Adhesive: it is also known as super glue, it is a fast-drying adhesive that works well for small, tight-fitting surfaces like wood, metal, or plastic.
  • b. Epoxy Adhesive: It is a two-part adhesive that dries clear and provides a strong bond for heavy items such as tiles, countertops, and ceramics.
  • c. Silicone Adhesive: It is a flexible and waterproof adhesive that is ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. It can bond a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, and plastic.
  • d. Construction Adhesive: It is a heavy-duty adhesive that is designed for use in construction projects. It is suitable for bonding wood, metal, concrete, and masonry.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Adhesives

  • Type of material to be bonded: The type of materials to be bonded, such as metal, plastic, glass, or wood, will determine the type of adhesive needed. Some adhesives work better with certain materials than others, so it's important to choose the right adhesive for your specific application.
  • Strength: The strength of the adhesive is an important factor to consider, especially for applications that require a strong bond. Reactive adhesives, such as epoxy and cyanoacrylate, provide a strong, permanent bond, while non-reactive adhesives, such as white glue, provide a weaker bond.
  • Drying time: The drying time of the adhesive will affect the time required to complete a project and the ability to make adjustments during the bonding process. Some adhesives dry quickly, while others take a longer time to dry.
  • Flexibility: Applications where the bonded materials will be subjected to stress or movement require an adhesive that is flexible. While certain adhesives offer a fluid bond Some are more stiff and brittle and may shatter over time.
  • Chemical resistance: In situations where the bonded materials will be exposed to chemicals or harsh environmental conditions, the adhesive's chemical resistance is crucial. Choose an adhesive that can withstand particular chemicals or environmental factors.

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When it comes to home improvement in India, IBO is where you can find it all. We have everything you could possibly need under one roof, including the best brands across a wide array of product categories. We are an omnichannel, multi-category, and multi-brand format where consumers, retailers and contractors can purchase from our offline stores based around the country and/or from our online store, which offers streamlined home necessities buying journeys for our esteemed customers.

IBO offers a wide range of high-quality products, including power tool accessories, decorative lights for the house, electrical light fittings for the home, elevation tiles, parking tiles, ceramic tile flooring, paints and adhesives, plywood, laminates, sliding door wardrobe fittings, Kitchens sink, kitchen faucets, connection pipe for the wash basin, kitchen chimney, and many more. All goods are guaranteed to be 100% original, come with comprehensive product information, and have wholesale prices.

Make Home Improvement Simple with IBO

  • Convenience of Home Delivery - At IBO, customers can avail of the convenience of home delivery and get the products right at their doorstep within 72 hours of placing the order.
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Is it necessary to use a primer before painting?

Priming before painting is advised because it helps the paint stick better, creates a smooth surface for the paint to cling to, and can enhance the look of the final coat. From IBO, you can easily shop for paints, thinners and primers under one roof that is 100% authentic and backed by the support of premium brands like Asian Paints, Nippon, Dulux etc.

What is the best type of paint for interior walls?

Latex paints are the most popular choice for interior walls due to their ease of application, quick drying time, and low odour. When it comes to durability, latex paints outperform their oil-based counterparts because of their greater flexibility and resistance to cracking and chipping over time. Furthermore, in regions that are not exposed to direct sunlight, Latex paints have a tendency to resist fading with age.

Can adhesives be used to repair broken ceramics or glass?

Yes, certain types of adhesives, such as silicone, epoxy and superglue, can be used to repair broken ceramics or glass. For a glass repair that will not be subjected to water or stress, a rapid patch using superglue is a great option, but for bigger tasks that require weatherproofing, epoxy or silicone can be a better option. However, it's important to use a clear adhesive to avoid affecting the appearance of the repaired item.

What is the difference between glues and adhesives?

Glues are a particular type of adhesive that is made from a water-based solution of natural or synthetic polymers, such as cellulose, protein, or synthetic resins. It is typically used for bonding porous materials, such as paper, cardboard, or fabric, as well as for repairing small cracks and broken objects.

Adhesives, on the other hand, are a broader term that refers to any substance used to bond two surfaces together, including glue, but also other types such as epoxy, tape, contact cement, and hot melt adhesives. These different types of adhesives have different properties and are used for different applications.

What are the different modes of buying from IBO?

IBO is an omnichannel retail outlet where customers can shop by visiting our website - www.ibo.com or downloading the IBO APP. Customers can also experience and buy products by visiting any of the IBO in Ranigunj-Hyderabad, OMR, Padur - Chennai and Sarjapur - Bengaluru.

IBO also allows customers to place orders by calling our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344 or by connecting with us on Whatsapp at +91- 9902521060. Our team of IBO experts will help you buy and deliver products to their doorstep across different categories such as vitrified tiles, plywood, electrical, plumbing, paints, hardware, tools, fans, lighting, MCB, electrical switches and other products.

Does IBO sell genuine paints and adhesives products?

IBO sells 100% genuine paints and adhesives products from top brands like Nippon, Nerolac, Dulux, Berger, Asian Paints, Fevicol, Dr. Fixit, and many more. Visit IBO in Ranigunj - Hyderabad, OMR, Padur - Chennai and Sarjapur - Bengaluru to see for yourself the fine quality of electricals that we house.

What are the different brands available in the paints and adhesives category at IBO?

In our wide range of paints and adhesives category, we have all the reputed and trusted brands like Nippon, Nerolac, Dulux, Berger, Asian Paints, Fevicol, ABRO, Dr. Fixit, Gala, and many more.

Whether you are looking for vibrant colours to make your living room lively, soothing tones for bedroom to relax, or exterior paints to protect your walls from heat and rain - we have all that you are looking for.

Does IBO offer the best price?

IBO is an everyday low-price store with wholesale pricing across all categories throughout the year. You can shop from LED bulbs to water purifier, ceiling fan to bulb holder, and much more without worrying about the prices at all. To know more, you can get in touch with us -

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