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Advantages Of Using Elevation Tiles in Your Space

10 min read - 14th May 2024
advantages of using elevation tiles

There has been a massive transformation in interior decoration space over the years. Tiles, which are an essential part of home décor, have also witnessed a dramatic shift from traditional to tech-driven designs. Elevation tiles, also termed wall tiles, are a part of the new-age tile designs that have developed with the arrival of the latest technologies.   

Elevation tiles are porcelain and ceramic tiles that are mostly used in elevated spaces such as the interior and exterior walls of homes and commercial complexes. They add functional and aesthetic beauty to these walls and hence make it a viable idea to invest in a variety of elevation tile designs. 

New-age elevation tile designs are available in different diversities including 3D designs, ceramic tile designs, natural stone elevation tiles, etc. Among the many benefits of elevation tiles, the best thing is that they are weather-resistant, easy to manage, and highly durable. You can opt for a wide range of front elevation tiles in different patterns and shades to blend them with the interior of your house.   

In this post, let’s understand elevation tiles better including their benefits and types to help you make a wise decision when buying these tiles for your home elevation. 

Pros of Using Elevation Tiles

With the continuous change in the world of décor and the availability of pioneering tech-driven tiles and other decor elements, homeowners are now focusing on elevating the appeal of their exterior walls along with the interiors. This has contributed to the popularity of high-depth elevation tiles with their intriguing designs and luxurious appeal.   

Elevation tiles have been successful in stealing people’s attention and turning many heads with their fascinating range. Let us discuss some benefits of using these tiles to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home.

  1. Low maintenance costs – Elevation tiles are low maintenance tiles because you do not have to work hard to maintain and clean them. Elevation tiles retain their aesthetic appeal and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Their non-porous surface makes them stain and scratch-resistant.  
  2. Aesthetically accentuated – Trendy patterns and innovative designs of elevation tiles make them style statements for yourfront elevation tiles designs. They add depth and dimension to your exterior walls to create some splendid design transformation. Besides, elevation tiles are capable of creating visually engaging looks to appeal to the onlookers.  
  3. Enhanced durability – Since the elevation tiles do not get scratched, discolored, or fade easily, they last long. These are extremely durable tiles that do not crack or break easily. 
  4. Weather resistance – Elevation tiles are crafted for mainly exterior usage. Hence, they can withstand extreme weather conditions. These tiles can endure snow and storm, hail and rain, and beyond without losing their charm. They are known for their exceptional water resistance property with minimal water absorption rate. 
  5. Creating focal points – These tiles are known to create focal points in your exterior décor. They create visually captivating designs to bring a fresh lease of life into your outdoor spaces. 
  6. Sophisticated look – The elevation wall tile designs are classy and have an aura of sophistication in them.
  7. Versatility – The wide range of styles and patterns of elevation tiles make them versatile and ideal for your home and commercial use.   
  8. Seamless integration – Being versatile, elevation tiles allow seamless integration of your space with the outdoor surroundings to create smooth transitions. For example, these tiles can set harmony with your outdoor furniture and the environment. 
  9. Hassle-free installation process – Even the installation process of elevation tiles is hassle-free as they are easy to cut and install. Hence, they take less installation time as compared to other tiles.
  10. Flexibility and customization of design – With elevation tiles, you have the option to customize designs. You can choose from a wide array of materials, patterns, textures, and colors among others to tailormade your exterior wall designs using elevation tiles.   
  11. Eco-friendly – The process of creating elevation tiles is such that it emits less carbon dioxide. These tiles are crafted from natural substances using ecologically sustainable processes. Hence, these tiles are free from chemicals and fumes.   
  12. Visual depth – Elevation tiles are remarkable in terms of creating visual depth and texture to your outdoor décor. Their interesting patterns and designs can make your dull and mundane wall surfaces into artistic marvels. You may create unique textures and contrasts like the interplay of different patterns such as light and shadow. 

Types and Style of Elevation Tiles

  1. Elevation tiles in Porcelain 
  • These tiles are known for their resistance to moisture
  • They are sturdy 
  • Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor application
  1. Ceramic elevation tiles
  • These are the most popular elevation tiles
  • They are durable 
  • Available in a wide range of finish 
  • Suits well for rustic-style homes 
  1. Elevation tiles in Glass 
  • They are used to add a modern touch and sophistication to your elevation walls and facades
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • They have a distinct charm of their own
  1. Natural stone elevation tiles
  • These tiles are created from natural stones to give a natural touch to your walls
  • Granite, slate, marble, and limestone are mostly used to make these tiles
  • They offer an elegant and timeless look to your elevation tiles
  1. Elevation tiles in Terracotta 
  • These tiles are known for their rustic charm 
  • They are made from fired clay
  • Mostly used in Mediterranean-style construction 
  • Available in warm and earthy hues
  1. Metal elevation tiles
  • Copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., are used for these tiles
  • They offer an industrial and contemporary look
  • Mostly used for modern construction marvels
  1. Composite elevation tiles
  • These tiles are made with a combination of different materials like natural stone and ceramic
  • They are perfect for a true blend of aesthetic and durability

Difference between Elevation and Regular Tiles

As discussed, elevation tiles come with several advantages. However, you may be interested in knowing how elevation tiles are different from regular tiles. So, let’s understand what makes elevation tiles unique.  


Regular tiles 

Elevation tiles 

Purpose of usage 

Used for decorative and functional purposes 

Used mainly for decorative purposes


Mostly traditional with a wide variety 

Exclusive range of textures, patterns, and styles

Location of usage

Used for Interior and exterior decor for floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops, etc.

Used mainly for exterior walls for cladding, facades, and feature walls  

Material used 

Varied including ceramic, glass, porcelain, etc.

Mainly porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone 


Based on intended use depending on the area of application 

Well-suitable for all weather, highly durable  


Both decorative and functional 

Mainly decorative and limited functional use. Highly suitable for outdoor design elevation 


Cost varies as per material used and quality.

Usually more expensive than regular tiles due to design and material 


Varies as per type and location/ application

Low maintenance


Can be installed on different surfaces.

Primarily installed on walls or facades.


To conclude, we may state that elevation tiles can transform your outdoor walls and give them a well-appointed and luxurious look. These tiles come with several benefits, which make them perfect for your exterior decoration. Elevation tiles are safe for your home and commercial uses.  These tiles are good heat conductors and can adapt to the temperature as per the weather to keep your space cozy inside. Make sure to choose the best elevation tiles in terms of quality from a trusted supplier. The best quality tiles will help you achieve the best results.