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How Quality Parking Tiles Can Enhance Property Value

6 min read - 7th May 2024
how parking tiles enhance property value

Parking tiles, like most other exposed areas of your house, endure the harshness of extreme climatic conditions such as extreme sunlight, gushing wind, continuous pouring of rainfall, and more. Besides, parking tiles also withstand heavy-duty loads of vehicles throughout the day. All these conditions make them vulnerable to damage. Hence, it is crucial to opt for the best-quality parking tiles for your home and commercial parking spaces for longevity, robustness, and aesthetic beauty. Porcelain and ceramic are two such popular choices for parking tiles which can easily resist heavy traffic of both foot and vehicle loads. 

Along with material strength, these tiles offer the visual appeal of the parking space to boost the value of your property. In this post, let us discuss more about parking tiles and how you can use them to enhance your property’s worth. Let's first start with understanding the benefits of using home parking tiles.

Benefits of Using Parking Tiles

  • Boost the aesthetics of the space
    Car Parking tile designs uplift the aesthetics of a space. Be it interior or exterior space, parking tiles with their varied designs, materials, and colors can add to the beauty of a space. Using tiles for your home parking and other external areas like walkways in lawns and pool decks will enhance the visual appeal of the space.    
  • High endurance
    Heavy traffic areas like parking spaces, garages, and driveways experience extreme pressure due to the movement of regular vehicles. Using parking tiles in such areas ensures high durability and excellent grip. They will reduce slips and fortify the exterior floor of your house.    
  • Highly secure
    Parking tile designs also ensure safety in your home parking by making the space smooth for kids to run and play. Moreover, being water resistant, they prevent collision and skidding in the rainy season to ensure the safety of your loved ones. However, when choosing tiles for your picking lot, make sure to buy anti-slippery tiles only.    
  • Maintenance-free
    Tiles are maintenance-free as removing dust and dirt from tiles is very easy. They can be cleaned easily with cloth. Wiping the tiles can easily recover the radiant beauty of the tiles immediately.   
  • Durability and longevity
    Outdoor parking tiles last long as they are durable and strong. Also, parking floor tiles make the floors of the exterior areas of your home sturdy so that they stay in good shape for a long time. Thus, using parking tiles can help you enhance the durability and longevity of a parking area.

More innovative uses of parking tiles

Lately, parking tiles have been applied to create many interesting and innovative designs to elevate the aesthetics of a space. The options in terms of texture, finish, and design of tiles are wide to choose from. Here are some innovative ways in which tiles can be used to enhance the beauty of your property and elevate its worth. 

  • Use parking tiles to create garden walkways
    Gardens give a fresh appeal to a house. They allow people to breathe fresh air, walk on the green grass, and have a relaxing time in the evening. They are an integral part of a house. You can use beautiful tiles in your garden to create captivating pathways to make the place more appealing. It will change the appearance of your garden to elevate its beauty. You can go a step ahead and install garden furniture to match the look of the tiles. 
  • Use parking tiles in pool decks and driveways
    Similar to refurbishing the garden area, you can also enhance the appeal of the driveways and pool decks using tiles. Aesthetic tiles can revamp the look of your pool deck. There are lots of options in terms of texture, color, shape, and patterns of tiles to select from. 
  • Use parking tiles in the garage or workshop
    Likewise, you can also use parking tiles in garages and workshops to increase their reliability and strength. Tiles will give them a firm grip and durability to endure heavy vehicle traffic and wear and tear.

Ways to use tiles to upgrade your property value

Let’s look at some ways to enhance the value of your property using tiles.

  • Decorate your house beautifully with tiles to enhance its resale value
  • Use tiles in your porch and hallway to uplift the beauty of the spaces
  • Decorate the bathroom with tiles that give a tranquil and relaxing effect to enhance its value 
  • The kitchen must be designed with quality tiles to maximize style. Tiles are perfect for upgrading the look of your boring kitchen to transform it into an awesome space
  • Use water-resistance tiles in areas prone to moisture or getting wet like the bathroom, laundry area, and kitchen
  • Try out porcelain and ceramic tiles that are durable and easy on pocket to refurbish your home
  • Use glamourous looking car parking tiles to make your parking space look stunning


Parking tiles are high in fashion. If you are planning to renovate your house or construct a new house, go for high-quality and stylish tiles to last a lifetime. Tiles will make your house beautiful and add new glamour to your old house. This will also uplift the value of the property. It will give a new look to your house and you will enjoy every moment spent within the boundary of your house. 

Parking tile prices in India may range from Rs. 40/sqft to Rs 90/sqft. However, it depends on the quality and other features of the tiles that you pick.  There are several good brands like Somany, AGL, and Kajaria parking tiles that you can pick for your home parking area.