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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Parking Tiles

6 min read - 3rd May 2024
how to choose parking tile

The parking area of a private property is usually the entrance of that property and it is the first thing to get noticed. Parking areas serve the functional purpose of keeping your vehicles in place and safe while contributing to the appeal of your house. Even if it is commercial parking, it should be robust and durable to endure heavy traffic and erosion. It is important to note that choosing the right parking area goes beyond the aesthetics of the place. It needs consideration of different factors like weather conditions, traffic, location, etc., so that the space can ensure durability over time. Picking the right material is a significant aspect in this regard. 

As you know, parking tiles are an important constituent of your parking space. Similar to enhancing the exterior and interior beauty of your house, using parking tiles to upgrade the look and durability of the parking space is equally important. Tiles offer texture to your parking space without which it looks incomplete. Further, in commercial spaces using tiles is all the more important to guide vehicles and mark safety lines.

In this post, we will take a look at an ultimate guideline for choosing the best parking tiles for your parking space. Let’s start with understanding the key features of parking tiles.  

Key features of parking tiles

As discussed above, tiles play a key role in developing your parking area. Hence, it is important to understand the features of tiles to make the right decision of choosing the right tile for your exact purpose.  Here are some key features of parking tiles to consider:

  • Material strength – The material strength of your parking tiles is crucial. Look for tiles with load-bearing capacity and surface hardness. It should have resistance against heat and temperature so that it doesn’t wither due to heavy traffic or wear and tear. The parking tiles should be picked depending on the location and usage such as commercial/industrial areas or residential parking spaces.   
  • Grip/slip resistance – The grip of the tiles is another parameter to consider. You should use car parking tiles that allow good grip without being slippery and which don’t increase the risk of car collisions. Moreover, water clogging is a common phenomenon in India, so you might like to use tiles that have slip-resistance features too.   
  • Indoor and outdoor parking materials – Depending on the indoor or outdoor parking space, the tiles should be picked accordingly. Open outdoor parking tiles should have sturdy materials to endure extreme weather conditions, while indoor parking spaces can have options to use creativity along with durability.
  • Size and pattern of parking tiles – Depending on the material used, the size and pattern of parking tiles may differ. You can use one particular material or mix two materials with unique patterns for your desired look. Granite, porcelain, and full-body vitrified tiles are some classic options for parking tiles. Also, go for the best possible size of parking tiles that require minimal resizing. 
  • Sturdiness of tiles – If you are considering the sturdiness of tiles over other things, vitrified parking tiles could be your best pick as floor parking tiles. These tiles are not easily damaged and they can endure heavy traffic due to their surface hardness.

As compared to cemented outdoors, it is easy to maintain and keep tiles clean easily. Tiles, generally, do not accumulate dust and stains. They are durable and pocket-friendly too. Be it vitrified or ceramic parking tiles, consider the features given above to construct a durable and sturdy parking space that lasts a lifetime.   

Tips to choose parking tiles based on weather conditions

  • Parking tiles for areas with extreme temperature
    People living in areas of extreme temperatures should go for parking tiles that have thermal shock resistance. This will make them withstand temperature fluctuations and cracks or deterioration. 
  • Parking tiles for places with high humidity
    Extreme humid places need parking tiles with the quality of low water absorption. This will help avoid moisture-related issues in the tiles in the long run. Hence, go for tiles that absorb less water and are good for areas with high humidity.
  • Parking tiles to endure rain and frost
    If you are picking parking tiles for outdoor areas that get extreme exposure to rainwater and frost, you must go for tiles that have high resistance against frost and water. Choose tiles that are designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions, while keeping intact the aesthetics of the tiles. 
  • Tiles with UV-resistance 
    If you live in an area that receives extreme sunshine, you may prefer tiles that can withstand deterioration and color fading caused by UV radiation. Here, choose tiles that have UV ray resistance properties. 
  • Parking tiles that allow heavy-duty performance 
    When picking parking tiles for heavy traffic areas with greater vehicular movements, you may prioritize tiles that have extra strength and durability. These tiles are designed to withstand severe conditions of heavy usage without much wear and tear. 
  • Tiles that are easy to maintain
    This is another important aspect of choosing parking tiles. Although durability and strength are the basic elements considered when buying parking tiles, you may also consider other elements like low maintenance and low frequent upkeep of the tiles while choosing.


To conclude, selecting the right parking tile design based on the weather and other conditions is important so that they can endure the wear and tear of climate over time and last long. This will enhance your tiles' longevity and durability and boost their aesthetic appeal. In this regard, factors like extreme temperature, resistance to weather, safety, and durability should be taken into consideration. This will help you make an informed decision to enhance the appeal or functionality of your home parking tiles as well as commercial space parking tiles. Parking tile price is another significant element to consider here in this regard.