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10 Eye-catching Tile Options for Your Living Room

8 min read - 9th May 2024
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A modern living room is a complete package where you can relax, work, and get entertained, as well as catch up with friends and family. So, the living room décor should be done in a way to makes you feel comfortable and at peace. It should be a calming and relaxing atmosphere with a welcoming vibe to appeal to and attract people. When it comes to decorating the living room, tiles can bring life to every corner of the space to brighten it and make it lively. Tiles offer refinement and style with their alluring hues and remarkable patterns. They are available in a wide range of textures and designs.    

In addition to decorating your space, tiles also reflect your innate personality in the form of the living room décor. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose to adorn your living room with a soothing minimalistic design or an appealing and passionate flavor. All you need is to use your imagination and creativity to explore tiles to match your expectations. You can go beyond the ordinary to revamp your living room into an abode of beauty and creativity by using tiles. 

Let us take a look at the 10 best eye-catching options of tiles for living rooms in this post.    

10 Eye-catching Tile Design Ideas to Invigorate Your Living Room

  1. Geometric tiles
    Geometric patterns are simple and straight lines in linear shapes and they can turn a boring space into a seemingly vibrant place. They are eye-catching and modern for revamping your living room space. Using subtle colors like white and neutral geometric patterns will make many heads turn toward your living room decor. 
  2. Texture tile designs
    These tiles are primarily used for depth and personality, which is one of the key reasons for their popularity. Textured design tiles are available in various surface patterns such as living room 3d wall tiles, rough tiles, and embossed tiles. These tiles are not just eye-catching but offer aesthetic impressions as well. They can be used for both the floor and walls of your living room. They are best in places where you want to add a focal point. 
  3. Natural stone tiles
    These are again a popular choice of tiles for both the walls and floor of your living space and they enhance the show of your living room to a great extent. Whether you use marble, travertine, granite, limestone, or any other natural stone, the effect it has on the floor and walls of your living room is commendable.  
  4. Large format tiles
    Since its introduction, large-format tiles have gained a huge response and have transformed the home tile design industry. Large tiles help create fewer grout lines that allow a smooth and spacious appearance. They can make small spaces look airy and spacious, while offering a modern look to your living space. 
  5. Rich hued tiles
    Rich and warm colors are cozy and are getting very popular lately for your living room floor and wall tile designs. These colors can make any space look sophisticated by giving it depth.  These colors present gorgeous and visually appealing living rooms when you blend them with lighter accents.
  6. Natural color tile scheme 
    Natural and earthy colors are always in trend for wall tile designs. You may pick brown, blue, green, or any other earthy neutral color from nature to provide your living space with a peaceful aura. It makes your living room space calm and close to nature, thereby making it cozy.
  7. Wooden appeal tiles
    Tiles with natural and wooden appeal are easy to manage. They give the impression of wooden decor in your living room space to enhance its appearance. They serve as wonderful alternatives to natural wood designs. 
  8.  Floral design tiles
    Floral motif tile designs are back in trend for your living room wall tile designs. These new modern and abstract flower patterns are used to remove cluttered traditional patterns, which were earlier used. These patterns are creative, elegant, and subdued.
  9. Brick Design tiles  
    These tile designs give the impression of brick walls and appeal best to most people who love contemporary, vintage designs. They allow rustic character and can be used in different spaces including living rooms.
  10. Moroccan pattern tiles
    The extensive lively style of these tiles makes them so popular as they are available in solid warm colors to create a welcoming vibe. These tiles are best for elevating the aesthetic appeal of any interior space

Eye-Catching Color Combinations for Living Room Tile Designs

The design and color combination of your living room tiles for walls and floor give the room the required aesthetic appeal. Based on the colors used in the living room, you can have a welcoming, warm, inviting, and calm feeling.  Let us take a look at some wonderful and eye-catching color combinations for your living room.

  • Monochromatic tiles – Monochromatic means using unicolor or one color for the entire room. This helps create a tranquil or unified tone in your room. You can use light-hued pastel colors or bright vibrant colors to achieve the right look. 
  • Bicolor tiles – As the name suggests, Bicolor uses two colors, one complementing the other. This way you can bring depth to the living room without making it tacky. You can try natural or deeper shades for this purpose.  
  • Tricolor tiles – Tricolor is the use of three vibrant colors of tiles in your living room to create bold statements. You can combine white with two other primary colors like blue and red to get the right blend. 

Tips to Design Smaller Living Rooms

Designing a tiny living room can be tricky as compared to designing a spacious one. Large living rooms allow wide options to adorn them, while small living spaces confine your creativity to a certain extent.  However, with the right pattern of living room tiles for the floor designs of your small living room you can create a functional space with aesthetic beauty. Here are some tips:

  • Pick Light Color Tiles – If your living room is small in size the best option is to use light color tiles to make the room look large and spacious. Light colors create the illusion of an openness in the room to give it an airy feel. 
  • Choose Patterned Tiles – If you want to add dimension and texture to your living room design, you may consider using patterned tiles. These modern tiles for the living room can easily accommodate interest and dimension to your living space décor without making it look overcrowded. 
  • Go for Small Size Tiles – Using smaller-sized tiles in small living rooms can create depth while taking up less physical space to give your living room a nice look. If you use large-sized tiles, it will take up more space to make your room look tiny.  
  • Consider Using Textured Tiles – Textured tiles are liked for their unique designs and they are good reflectors of light too. These tiles give your living room a cozy and comfortable feel.


When it comes to buying the best tiles for the living room floor and walls to decorate the space with different tile designs, you have a wide range of options to choose from like porcelain, natural stone, and living room ceramic tiles among others. Depending on the affordability and suitability of the tiles in terms of your requirements, you can choose the best and most eye-catching ones to enhance the décor of your living room.