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Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Your Water Purifier

4 min read - 22nd Apr 2024


A water purifier is one of the most indispensable members of our household kitchens, particularly in today’s age when the water that comes through our taps is highly impure. The water purifier silently works, round-the-clock, through the year, to make the water drinkable by kids and adults alike. However, like any other device that we purchase to make our lives easier, a water purifier RO needs maintenance, care, and attention too. This blog details the top 5 tips to follow for maintaining as well as extending the life span of your water filter. 

Why is it Important to Maintain Your Water Purifier for Home?

Before jumping to the tips for maintaining your water purifier, let us first understand why exactly is it important to think about its maintenance after all. Here’s why:

  • Saves energy: If your water purifier is unclean, it is likely to consume more energy to work harder for the purification process. However, regular maintenance of the device can lower energy consumption and thereby its costs.
  • Promotes good health: Clean water is healthy water, simple. Your water purifier works hard to achieve this goal for you. In turn, it becomes imperative to take care of your purifier since its improper functioning would directly mean that you end up drinking impure and unhealthy water. 
  • Optimal performance: Regular maintenance of the water filter and its timely servicing can help ensure consistent and optimal performance, thereby ensuring efficiency in functioning.
  • Saves cost: When you don’t spend on maintaining your water purifier, you are highly likely to end up saving considerably on having to completely replace the equipment. With the water purifier pricereasonably high in the market, it is advisable to invest in regular maintenance rather than to be taken by a costly surprise at the end.
  • Good for the environment: Unmaintained water purifiers tend to generate higher amounts of wastewater. This can have a potentially negative effect on the environment.

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier

  1. Check for water leakage: Always be on the lookout for any signs of water leakage from your RO machine. Check for loose fittings or connections, if any. Water leakage not only ends up wasting precious water but also results in potential damage to the water purifier with time.
  2. Clean regularly: Follow a regular cleaning routine for your water purifier. One of the first steps to drinking clean water is to clean your water purifier RO itself from time to time. Clean the outside of the machine with mild detergent and damp cloth but for the inside, avoid soap - the best cleaning agent is a used lemon peel - it works as the best solution for thoroughly cleaning the interior of the purifier.
  3. Get it serviced by a professional: Follow this step too regularly. While simple cleaning can be easily performed on your own at home, professional assistance is required from time to time for a deep cleaning process in addition to checking for any potential damages to the equipment that are likely to cause trouble.
  4. Change filters timely: Filters are what make your water purifier work optimally. They help capture all impurities present in the water and therefore need to be replaced timely to ensure that they keep performing this function efficiently. Your professional technician who comes for water purifier servicing will be able to guide you on the exact schedule for changing the filters. Make sure to follow it diligently.
  5. Read the manual: Always follow the guidelines published in the manufacturer’s manual provided with your water purifier RO. Each brand comes with its own set of specifications and guidelines for maintenance. Reading the manual would help you exactly understand what guidelines to follow for maintaining your specific brand of water purifier to its optimum.


A water purifier is the heart of every kitchen. Surrounded by impure water and the diseases resulting therefrom, an RO water purifier is one of the key investments in every household. It is equally important to invest some amount of money into maintaining it to ensure that it enjoys a longer life span and continues to give you clean and healthy water for drinking. IBO offers some of the best home improvement products. For all your essential needs, check out the website.