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Upgrade Your Kitchen - 10 Tile Ideas for a Stylish Makeover

6 min read - 3rd May 2024
tile ideas for kitchen makeover

Remodeling your kitchen is interesting as it allows upgrading and styling your kitchen to give it a unique flavor to suit your taste. It also adds a spark to a boring kitchen space by giving it newness and plenty of scope for innovation. When we talk about a kitchen upgrade, tiles are a necessary aspect to consider. With the right tiles, you can transform the kitchen area and its ambiance. Gone are the days when tiles were used only in specific areas such as kitchen tiles for floor and walls. They are everywhere these days and you will be fascinated to see their application and customization in enhancing the décor of your kitchen. 

Modern uses of kitchen tiles

Tiles have found a prominent space in the kitchen because of their durability and easy manageability. They are used to boost the look of your kitchen island, which is a prominent part of most modern kitchens. Ceramic tiles are mostly used as the surface of your kitchen island to make them look fabulous. Kitchen cabinets and countertop surfaces are also created using tiles these days making them easy to clean and manage as well as long-lasting. 

In this post, let us take a look at some fascinating kitchen tile ideas to upgrade your kitchen using tiles to give it a stylish makeover.

Here are the Top 10 latest kitchen tile design ideas for a stylish kitchen makeover: 

  1. Shimmering tint kitchen tiles to add glamour to your kitchen
    The interesting coordination of kitchen tile designs with color themes presents a harmony of the right glamour with the space. You can create such harmony in the backsplash design of your kitchen behind the area of the stovetop. These modern shimmering tiles are available in different colors, textures, and prints to give you a world of exclusive variety to bring a diverse touch to your kitchen. 
  2. Modern and minimalistic tiles for an elegant kitchen 
    Sophisticated kitchens are always in vogue because of their class and distinct visual appeal. Sophistication can be achieved in both traditional and modern-style kitchens. Depending on your choice of design and color, use tiles to attain your desired effect that seamlessly blends and compliments your sophisticated and minimalist kitchen tile ideas.  
  3. Create a kitchen backsplash design with penny-sized tiles 
    Penny-sized tiles are commonly used to decorate washroom walls. However, these days they are increasingly being used for kitchen backsplash to enhance their playful decor. These types of tiles add texture and character to your kitchen space. They convey a unique style statement with a glossy finish.   
  4. Use printed patterns to give a natural touch to a modern kitchen
    Printed pattern tiles are also finding their way into modern kitchen décor ideas. There are a lot of variations that can be done with patterns to create beautiful contrasts. Using patterns in white and black, and other vibrant colors gives you ample space to innovate. 
  5. Play with a marble effect to design your kitchen tastefully
    Marble along with other natural stone tiles is highly appreciated by everyone. Be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or any other space in the house, marble tiles can give it a new dimension by complementing the area with aesthetics while giving it a spacious feel.  
  6. A wide range of other natural stone tiles are a popular choice  
    Besides marble, other natural stones like granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, etc., are also used to elevate the décor of your kitchen and upgrade the unique aesthetics of a modern kitchen. If price is not a constraint for you, using these natural stone tiles is an excellent option to upgrade your kitchen décor.     
  7. Create an earthly look with warm natural tones
    If you admire the earthly design of your kitchen, using warm, natural tones is what sets the ambiance of such décor. To give your kitchen an earthly look, use warm-colored ceramic tiles of different hues.  
  8. Bring timeless sophistication with the art deco look to your kitchen
    Ceramic tiles when combined with grout to create kitchen tiles for walls and floors can create timeless Art Deco sophistication and elegance. It brings an impressive and luxurious feel to your kitchen space.  
  9. Use Italian monochromatic color schemed tiles 
    Monochromatic color schemes of Italian tiles serve as a unique combination of tone and tint to create the perfect design to accentuate the other accessories in the space. These tiles allow variety within a single color. Thus, they help to create different combinations by using one color in different shades to create interesting designs.   
  10. Use geometric patterns for visual appeal
    Geometric patterns present visually appealing and modern kitchen tile designs. If you are eyeing an upgraded kitchen look, geometric patterns can help you reach there. You may combine glossy tiles to create an impressive statement and add beauty and character. These geometric patterns are versatile and suit most kitchens irrespective of their style or shade.


To conclude, we can say that the best way to upgrade your kitchen is by using your imagination and creativity to the optimum. Open your mind to go beyond the basics for upgrading your kitchen using unique tile designs and ideas. It will transform the entire appearance and usage of your kitchen and help you make the most out of it. For maximum appeal, use combinations and pair contrasting designs for greater effect. You can also customize while being consistent to create the best kitchen tile designs. Remember! the key is to look beyond the boundaries. 

The easy availability of varied kitchen tiles in the market both online and offline gives you ample scope to experiment and innovate.