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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wall Tiles for Your Kitchen

8 min read - 1st May 2024
guide on how to choose perfect wall tiles for kitchen

A kitchen is a place where an entire family gathers to share meals, laugh together, and exchange conversations. A modern kitchen is one of the most cosy and comfortable areas of your home that makes people feel warm and relaxed. With so many activities going on in the kitchen, it is regarded as a heavy-traffic place.

When it comes to your kitchen décor, tiles play an important element to consider while constructing or remodeling a kitchen. Of course, other elements also add to beautify the kitchen and to make it fit for heavy traffic. 

Kitchen tiles are a vast area and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the variety, pattern, and material available. In this post, we will give you the best guide to choose the perfect wall tiles for your kitchen to make your selection easy.

The first thing to consider while choosing kitchen wall tiles is the material of the tiles. There are different materials and designs of tiles for kitchens available to choose from. You have options of natural stone tiles and man-made tiles to opt for. Let’s take a look at them.

Pick the Best Material for your Kitchen Wall Tiles 

Natural stone tiles vs Manmade tiles

Natural stone tiles

Marble, slate, limestone, and travertine are some natural stone tile materials that work best for kitchen walls and floors. Natural Stone tiles are required to be sealed to protect them. They need special cleaning products to suit the soft natural stones. They look elegant with the sheen of a polished tile finish.
If you go with marble tiles, you can choose tones such as whites and greys or even striking dark color shades. Limestone tiles are greatly available in shades of beige, cream, grey, and dark shades. Travertine tiles are available in warmer hues along with beige and grey shades and slate tiles are mostly available in textured patterns in rick dark tones that add glamour to your kitchen tiles and grab attention. However, note that natural stone tiles are expensive compared to man-made tiles due to their exquisite beauty and individuality. 

Manmade tiles

Alternatively, if you are looking at manmade kitchen tiles, which are a cost-effective option and easily available, you can go for a variety of colors, patterns, and designs with a wide range of finishes to create your preferred scheme.  Manmade tiles like ceramic and porcelain are available in a wide variety. Glass tiles further make the selection broad.  
Ceramic tiles are regarded as ideal for the walls of your kitchen but may not suit the kitchen floors. These tiles don’t require sealing and can be cleaned easily. Porcelain tiles are high-density tiles that are good for both kitchen floor tile designs and wall tiles in your kitchen. They don’t wear out easily. Glass tiles are used to add some sparkle to your kitchen. The glass mosaic tiles available in multicolor allow for a stunning focal point. There is another option to pick gloss finish tiles for your kitchen walls to give them a brighter look. They can make your small kitchen space look big with their brightening effect and are easy to clean too. 

Create Decorative Effects with Kitchen Wall Tiles

Decorative effects on your kitchen tiles can be done through small tweaks to enhance the appearance of your kitchen wall tiles. One such thing is to contrast grout colors with the color of the tile. For instance, using dark grout on pale tiles can make them look distinct. You may also try using unique shapes like hexagon-shaped tiles, geometry-shaped tiles, etc., or may use tiles that are flat or have beveled edges. 

How to Choose the Kitchen Wall Tiles?

When choosing modern kitchen wall tiles, certain factors need consideration. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best kitchen wall tiles. 

  • Durability is the key 
    The primary thing considered in a kitchen tile is the durability of the tiles. The kitchen area being a high-traffic space needs extra care. Hence, when considering kitchen renovations or constructions, tiles play a great role. Depending on the usage of your kitchen, you must choose the tiles with utmost attention to last a lifetime.    
  • Easy to clean 
    Kitchen tiles need to be easy to clean. The walls of kitchen tiles get stained over time with oil and dirt to become greasy. Easy-to-clean kitchen tile designs for walls can help remove the stains easily. You may choose clay or limestone tiles, which allow easy removal of stains and they don’t crack easily.  
  • Determine your location 
    Location may also affect your choice of kitchen wall tiles because if you live in dusty areas, glass, and ceramic kitchen tiles designs may suit the requirement better since these are low-maintenance tiles. 
  • Matching countertops and cabinets
    Another focal point of your kitchen is the countertops and the cabinets. They enhance the beauty of your kitchen area with the right finish. Hence, they should also be considered as the determining factor while selecting your kitchen tiles. Selecting tiles that blend with the cohesive and harmonious designs of the kitchen cabinets will make a huge impact on its décor. 
  • Layout of the kitchen 
    The kind of tiles you choose also depends on the layout of your kitchen. Depending on whether you have an open or closed kitchen as well as the shape of the kitchen, you can go for simple yet modern kitchen tile designs for walls. This will make your space airy.  
  • Size and shapes of tiles 
    When it comes to the shape and size of kitchen tiles, the choice can make you overwhelmed. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can use neutral color tiles for a smaller kitchen to give it a bigger look. In case you have a huge kitchen, you may opt for small square size tiles in soft shades for the kitchen walls. 
  • Your budget 
    Like the variety of available tiles, there is a variation in the budget or price of tiles as per their quality and the material used. However, the variety allows people to find good-quality tiles within their range.  But try not to compromise on the quality of the tiles due to price as inferior-quality tiles may not be as durable as the good-quality ones. 

Contemporary Kitchen wall tile designs for Indian homes

Here are some contemporary and popular kitchen wall tile designs to be used in an Indian home:

  • If you are looking at gorgeous kitchen walls, go for Moroccan-inspired kitchen tiles for walls
  • For the latest trends, pastel colors are in vogue these days. With neutral cabinets and countertops, you can use stunning pastel tiles to complement the overall look 
  • Origami design tiles have recently gained popularity. They mostly complement the shades of black and white or grey. 
  • If you want to create visual intrigue, you may choose honeycomb patterns to make your space look brighter
  • Wood-based designs are an all-time favorite, which can be matched with wall cabinets for a seamless appearance   
  • Other designs like mosaics, geometric patterns, lacquered glass patterns, marble designs, etc., are equally popular kitchen tiles for walls


As mentioned in the post above, when it comes to selecting tiles for your kitchen walls, the sky is the limit. Keeping in mind the important points will help in choosing the best kitchen tiles for your home. A modern, spacious, and beautiful kitchen is something that we all dream of. You can create the best impact by choosing the kitchen tiles with care to last long and to enhance the appeal of your kitchen. Somany, Sunhearrt, and Kajaria kitchen tiles are some of the options for attractive and reasonably priced kitchen tiles of superior quality.