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Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles for Your Walls and Floors

7 min read - 14th May 2024
benefits of using ceramic tiles

Tiles are the most common option for flooring of your home. Almost every household in the modern era uses tiles to elevate the beauty and durability of their home floors and walls. But do you know how and when did tiles come into existence? 

Well, the earliest examples of the existence of tiles were found in Egypt and China around 1000 BC. It is believed that ceramic tiles have evolved from ceramic clay pottery, which was extremely popular in ancient civilizations for decorative purposes. 

The appearance together with a host of other benefits has helped tiles evolve as the most significant component of home decoration, especially for flooring and walls, over the years.  In this post, we will understand more about ceramic tiles and their wide use and benefits for both walls and floors of your home. 

Ceramic Tiles: Reason to Prefer Ceramic Over Other Tile Types     

To understand why ceramic tiles for floors and walls are a great choice for your home, it is important to know their composition and manufacturing process. Let’s understand that first. So, what is a ceramic tile?

Ceramic tiles are thin coverings of square or rectangular size made of different raw materials like clay, sand, quartz, water, and other natural materials.  Ceramic tiles are robust tiles with a range of advantages that make them durable and widely used for flooring options globally. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, they do not stain or deteriorate easily and are waterproof too. These tiles can last for decades without getting damaged despite heavy foot traffic. 

The tile industry in the modern era is thriving with ceramic tiles gaining huge momentum. As mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles are made from malleable clay and other ingredients, which are then dried and fired in a kiln for extreme durability. The temperature at which the tile is fired changes its color and hardness. These tiles then get a glaze to make them resistant to cracks, fading, and scratching. All these processes make ceramic tiles for walls and floors among the best ones to fit in your home décor and your budget. 

10 Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are versatile, eco-friendly, and robust, which is why they are preferred mostly. They are also reasonably priced and easily available. Overall, ceramic tiles cover several benefits along with the aesthetic appeal of a space. 

Let us take a look at 10 reasons that make ceramic the most beneficial tiles with endless potential:

  1. Ceramic tiles are resistant to scratching and wear and tear 
    The technology used to manufacture ceramic tiles makes them highly resistant to scratches and wear out. Besides the technology, the materials used in making ceramic tiles make them sturdy and highly durable. Whether you use ceramic tiles for floor or walls, interior or exterior usage, or even for residential or commercial purposes, they will serve each of the purposes well within their scope of usage.  
  2. They have resistance to water and damp conditions
    Even if you install ceramic tiles in damp conditions or under conditions where it is constantly in touch with steam and water, they will still serve the purpose efficiently. Hence, ceramic tiles are good to use in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pool floors, spas, and other such damp areas.   
  3. Ceramic tiles can resist direct flames and extreme heat
    Ceramic tiles are produced in a way that makes them easily resist heat and flame. Being non-flammable, these tiles do not emit any hazardous substances in the environment. Hence, they are non-harmful in the event of fire. Also, in the event of getting in contact with hot objects, these tiles don’t get blackened.  
  4. These tiles are easy to manage and care for
    Ceramic tiles can be cared for and managed easily.  They are very hygienic and are resistant to stains and deterioration. Moreover, bacteria can’t dwell in these tiles. They are made of easy materials so they are easy to clean and disinfect.  They are non-observant and waterproof and can resist chemicals of any type.  
  5. Ceramic tiles do not deteriorate with time
    With time everything deteriorates. Wear and tear are natural phenomena that occur with most objects. However, when it comes to ceramic tiles, they stay unchanged with time due to their resistance capacity. Hence, time-bound deterioration seen in other objects is way less in the case of ceramic tiles.  
  6. These tiles are easy to clean using even harsh products
    As already mentioned, ceramic tiles can withstand harsh chemicals and detergents. Hence, you can use such products to clean these tiles if deep cleaning is required. For regular cleaning and routine maintenance, warm water can be used to clean these tiles. So, you can use brushes and other cleaning agents to clean ceramic tiles without any concern about them getting damaged.     
  7. These tiles are eco-friendly 
    As discussed, the materials used and the process applied to manufacture ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly. Hence, these tiles remain eco-friendly for their entire life cycle. They are also non-harmful materials for human health. The process to manufacture all kinds of ceramic tile is non-harmful and eco-compatible. Do ensure to check for quality certificates while buying ceramic tiles.  
  8. Ceramic tiles are versatile and available in a wide variety of sizes
    The sizes and patterns available in ceramic tiles are immense. These tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The price range and the assortment of ceramic tiles are also wide. All these make these tiles versatile and ideal for your home and commercial requirements. 
  9. Ceramic tiles can withstand frost and other adverse weather conditions 
    Ceramic tiles can also withstand adverse weather conditions. They are good for both indoors and outdoors. You can choose the right ceramic tile to suit your exact purpose. Look for features like non-slip, thickness, installation mode, and others to ensure the kind of tile you want for your home or office use. 
  10. These tiles do not release any volatile substances
    As already discussed, ceramic tiles do not release any volatile substances and hence they do not harm humans or the environment. These tiles do not react with any chemical compound or other element. Hence, they do not produce hazardous substances to the environment. 

Above all, ceramic tile designs are something that can make anyone fall in love with them. The aesthetic sense of ceramic tiles makes them stylish and elegant for practical use on home floors and walls along with other surfaces.  Moreover, if you consider the price of ceramic tiles,you will realize that they are affordable and within your budget as compared to many other tile options like marble, vitrified, and natural stone.