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Discover the Best Tiles for Bedroom

7 min read - 3rd May 2024
best tile design for bedroom

The coziest place in the world is your bedroom. It is the heart of your home that reflects your taste and lifestyle. For an elegant, affordable, and functional bedroom design that exudes comfort creativity is the key along with the best design elements. 

A bedroom should be airy, and spacious with lots of natural light to brighten the room. It should also be easy to clean and highly functional. When styling and decorating a bedroom, tiles are among the key elements that need attention. If you are thinking of a bedroom makeover, the latest tiles are something you must check out. 

In this post, we will discuss the best and the latest design tiles for the walls and floors of your bedroom to redefine its grace and class and to brighten up the décor of the room. 

Makeover your Bedroom with the Latest Design of Tiles for Floor and Walls

  • Porcelain Tile – The best thing about porcelain tiles is that it never goes out of style. Moreover, they are durable and eco-friendly. There is no hassle of cleaning these tiles and they are scratch-proof. Porcelain tiles have a great range in terms of style, design, and pattern to suit your taste and budget. 
  • Vintage Wood Plank Tiles – Tiles with wooden effects come in different colors including natural browns as well as light-washed whitish tones. Using whites also makes your bedroom spacious and gives it a subtle look. These types of tiles can be used for your bedroom floors and walls. 
  • Marble Effect Ceramic Tiles - Marble is a versatile material to use in your bedroom. There are several options for the marble effect that present fabulous looks. You can use marble-look-alike tiles to bring an urbane touch to your bedroom. These tiles are easy to manage and are chic and classy. 
  • Slate Split Face Tiles – Just transforming your bedroom floor and walls is not everything, you need to add striking features to uplift its décor and insert character in the lifeless walls and floors of your bedroom. Hence, try using stale split tile types for that uplifted impact.
  • Wooden Ceramic Tiles - Wooden ceramic tiles can be used in place of natural wood to give your bedroom a vibe of nature. These are budget-friendly, easy to clean, and robust enough to last long. These are stain-resistant tiles and despite wear and tear due to regular traffic, they never stray from trend because of their rustic looks.     

Use tiles as per the Design of Your Bedroom

Designing a bedroom involves many intricate details. The aesthetics of a room is one key element to consider while designing your bedroom. Tiles play a huge role here to enhance the overall beauty of your bedroom. They can be used in different ways. Besides the usual usage of tiles on floors and walls, they can be used on ceilings and as overheads for your beds. Besides, they can also be used to create frames for your exquisite art pieces to decorate your bedroom.     

Overall, tiles allow many unique ways to upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom. Let us understand in detail how tiles should be picked as per the design of your bedroom. 

  • Measure the room dimensions
    The room dimensions are an important consideration as the size of the room decides the type of tiles to be used. If the bedroom is small in size you may choose tiles accordingly to make the room appear big. For example, you can use vitrified tiles in light colors that are considered ideal for small spaces or compact rooms to make them look larger.  You may go for glossy finish tiles as they reflect light to add depth to the room making it appear large. 
  • Is the bedroom designed for elders or kids?
    This is another very significant aspect of a bedroom design. Depending on who is going to use the bedroom, the color and style of your bedroom tiles should be selected. If the bedroom is designed for elders, the tone should be simple with light and natural colors. Similarly, if you are designing a bedroom for your kids, you may choose tile design on walls and floors to suit the preferences of your kids.
  • Keep in mind the tastes of the user
    As mentioned above, the design of a bedroom depends on the tastes and preferences of the users who are going to share the room. It may be designed for your kids, your parents, or you. As per individual taste, you can go for a natural or vibrant color theme, minimalistic, or specific design of tiles, and so on. The texture of the tiles should also be considered accordingly.  

Interesting Design Ideas Using Tiles to Décor Your Bedroom

There are many inspiring design ideas to upgrade your bedroom using tiles. Here are some interesting design tips to consider:

  • Use stylish and easy-to-clean tiles for your bedroom rather than picking tiles that make cleaning a hassle
  • Choose tiles that are good for maintenance as well as cleaning for both the floor and walls of your bedroom
  • You may use ceramic tiles available in marble, granite, and wooden options
  • If you love colors, you may choose vibrant and bold hues for your bedroom. Bright colors like navy blue and red may be preferred
  • White is an evergreen color that is elegant and timeless. Using white bedroom tiles color for both floor and walls may give your room a serene and graceful look, especially while recreating it for elders in the family
  • Theme your bedroom tile designs with the bedroom décor to match them with furniture, chandelier, and other decorative pieces in the room  
  • You can also match the wardrobe and TV unit compartment of your bedroom with the color and patterns of the bedroom tiles for walls to give it a perfect look  


To conclude, there are several ways to decorate or refurbish your bedroom using classy and gorgeous tiles available in a variety of patterns, sizes, colors, materials, and prices. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may choose to revamp your bedroom to give it an elegant look. You may also use different types of best bedroom tiles to create a fancy-designed bedroom for your new house or recreate such an effect while renovating your old kitchen.