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Creative Ways to Use Wall Tiles to Enhance Small Spaces

7 min read - 17th May 2024
ways to use tiles to enhance small spaces

Decorating small rooms is regarded as a challenging task. However, with the right element of décor, the appearance of even the tiny spaces can be elevated. Certain tips can help give a compact room the impression of an increased space.  Tiles are one such element to consider. You may have heard that using large tiles in small spaces gives the space a larger appearance. Even experts believe that tiles serve as the most suitable option to enhance the look and feel of a small room to make it seem larger and airy. In this post, we will talk about the probable use of floor and wall tiles to give your compact bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or any other space in your home a bigger impression. 

Decorating Small Spaces with Tiles

Tiles as an element of home décor have tremendous potential. You may wonder in awe to know the limitless opportunities offered by tiles that allow homeowners to explore and fulfill their home décor dreams and fantasies. Tiles have the potential to make a small room appear larger. If you let your imagination and creativity do their work, you can use tiles to make your small space expand into a spacious and airy area. Tiles make your home look elegant and sophisticated by their sheer presence. Let’s take a look at some creative ways to use tiles to enhance the spacious illusion of small spaces. 

Creative ways to use Wall Tiles to Elevate the Décor of your Small Spaces  

  1. Use creative placement of tiles – The placement of tiles is a critical aspect to consider when it comes to using them to give your small room a larger appearance. Tiles can work wonders in creating the illusion of larger spaces if placed cleverly in compact rooms. If you want to expand the visual outspread of your room, you can use tiles in stripe designs and diagonal patterns. These elements will give your room an open and spacious feeling. You may incorporate such dynamic patterns into the design of the wall and floor tile of your home to give a boost to the appearance of your small room.   
  2. Use creativity to select tile color - Like the placement of tiles, the color selection of tiles is also equally important to significantly impact your small room décor. For an open and airy feeling, try to use light hues like creams, pastels, and whites. Although darker shades may add coziness and depth, they may restrict the spacious feeling of a room. You may also use monochromatic color schemes or may experiment with contrasting color patterns. By striking a good balance between light and dark shades, you may accomplish the effect you desire.  
  3. Size of tiles also matters – As discussed, the size of tiles is the key feature to consider if you want to make your compact room look extended. Well, larger tiles can make your small room look larger because they have fewer grout lines which results in a seamless surface. This gives an illusion of compact rooms looking spacious. You may use large format tiles for both the floor and walls of your small rooms for a roomy appearance. It further creates a harmonious look and eliminates visual breakdowns to capitalize on the available space.   
  4. Use vertical designs creatively – If you have the liberty to use vertical surfaces of your compact room, you can create excellent depth and visual appeal to your room. Try to integrate striking pattern tiles to do your walls or you may add textured tiles to draw attention upwards to create the impression of height. Here, you may choose subway tiles or elevation tiles in prominent vertical patterns. You may also include geometric design wall tiles for that bold transformation of your small room.
  5. Make way for ample lighting – Small rooms with ample lighting help to create the impression of openness and reach. If you want to make the most use of light - artificial or natural - you must use reflective surfaces in your tile décor. Having glass finish or mirror finish tiles in your small room décor can help light bounce and make the room look brighter. To achieve such an effect, you can consider using glass accents in any of your bedroom or living room walls. This will add a touch of glamour and natural glow to your space.
  6. Create seamless transition – Visual flow can also be enhanced through a seamless transition in your floor and wall tiles. This way you can gain harmony and visual flow in your small room. To achieve this seamless transition use harmonizing textures, colors, and patterns that seem to unify the entire space. You can use the same tiles on the floor and walls of your compact room for continuity and to draw attention.
  7. Efficient storage also plays a role – lack of storage is a common issue in small rooms. However, to make the room look spacious, it has to be clutter-free, and for a room to be organized and clutter-free, you need enough storage space. Try to have built-in shelves in your room to make storage space and incorporate tiles in these spaces accordingly. Make the storage space visually appealing and ensure that it blends well with the overall room décor to give your room a decluttered and spacious look.

Are Vitrified Tiles Suitable for Small Rooms?

Small rooms like any other space in your house can be decorated and elevated by using any available tiles as per the requirement and budget of the homeowner. Be it vitrified, ceramic, porcelain, or any other tile, you can enhance the small room décor using them in the right way. Here are some reasons why you can pick vitrified tiles for a small room décor: 

  • Vitrified tiles are resistant to deterioration due to prolonged usage
  • These tiles have stain resistance and are non-porous 
  • Vitrified tiles are easy to manage and clean 
  • These tiles are versatile and are available in a wide range of colors and designs
  • These tiles are less susceptible to scratches 
  • With good maintenance, the color and appearance of these tiles can stay intact over a long period
  • These are cost-effective tiles as they last long, which balances the slight increase in upfront cost
  • Vitrified tiles can enhance the aesthetic value of your property  


To conclude, we can state that you should not limit your imagination for decorating small spaces as there are hundreds of ways to enhance the beauty and appeal of your small rooms with the right choice of tiles and several other design elements.  You can use a variety of tiles including ceramic wall tiles to create optical impressions or illusions of your room to give it a spacious and expanded appeal.  When it comes to the décor of a compact space, embrace designer tiles and your creativity to make your small room an abode of comfort and elegance.