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How to Clean and Maintain Your Kitchen Tile: Expert Tips

6 min read - 8th May 2024
how to clean kitchen tiles

A kitchen is where all the flavors of life come alive in the form of delicious food and unending chats that bind a family together. It is, hence, one of the most interesting and important places in your house that should be well-decorated and maintained to keep the lively vibe of the space on. Thus, it is always recommended to put your best foot ahead when decorating or refurbishing your kitchen with the best materials and home décor items. To start with, tiles are the best accessories to upgrade and elevate the beauty and aesthetics of your kitchen.    

Tiles can give your kitchen a new and refreshing look depending on the pattern and color that you pick. Because of their affordability and easy preservation, tiles chart among the top items used to raise the visual appeal of your kitchen.     

In this post, we are discussing how to clean kitchen tiles, important tips, and easy ways to maintain and preserve your kitchen tiles so that they retain their beauty and appeal for years to come.

How to Make Kitchen Tiles Cleaning Easy?

Tiles cover most Indian kitchens on walls and floors. The areas where food preparation takes place are more prone to dirt and grease compared to the rest. Hence, while cleaning the kitchen tiles utmost consideration should be given to such areas. However, the best thing about using tiles in the kitchen is that it makes cleaning easy as compared to regular painted walls. Moreover, they are also easy to redo and restore in case the tiles become faded and extremely greasy. Let us discuss how to clean kitchen tiles easily and other cleaning concerns to keep tiles beautiful and shiny year after year.    

  • Process to Remove Grease From Kitchen Tiles
    Grease can be tough to remove. They are stubborn residues that may drain you out of energy while cleaning. Despite cleaning with soapy water or other cleaning agents, if you still feel stickiness in your kitchen tiles, you may use baking soda and water to scrub the tiles to remove any grease that is remaining on them. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the tiles later.
  • How to Clean Grouts in Kitchen Tile Walls?
    Dirty grouts in your kitchen tiles can make even the shiny tiles look dull. Kitchen grouts may not be covered with mold like in bathrooms but they can make your tiles discolored. To remove white grout, you can use bleach mixed with water and scrub it on the grout with a small brush (old toothbrush preferably).  This can be followed by a good rinse with water to make the tiles shine again. Colored grout that doesn’t get cleaned with the above process can be cleaned using white vinegar and toothpaste followed by wiping with a clean cloth soaked in water.
  • How to Keep Your Kitchen Wall Tiles Clean
    For regular cleaning of your kitchen tiles, you can simply wash them with a soft cloth soaked in a detergent solution. This will help remove the dirt from the tiles along with sticky marks.  Later, you can rinse or wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Ways to keep the Kitchen Tile Floor Shining
    One of the simplest ways to know how to clean kitchen tiles at home is to try it out yourself.  To start with, clean the dirt and dust by sweeping or vacuuming the kitchen. Next, you can use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean the floor. You may use a brush to do the procedure easily. Later you can mop the floor to make it remarkably clean.  

Natural Home-Based Remedies Used for Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

As discussed above, several natural home-based remedies can be used to make kitchen tile cleaning procedures easy. Here are some tips to try:

  • Baking soda and water mixed in a solution is a common remedy to clean kitchen tiles 
  • Make a solution using mild detergent and water to clean your kitchen tiles. You can use a brush and later wipe the solution with a soft cotton cloth
  • Kitchen tiles can also be cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water mixed together
  • Make a paste of lemon and borax to clean kitchen tiles. This is another useful remedy to make your kitchen shine

Kitchen Tile Cleaning Tips by Experts

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen tiles clean and shinning:

  • Sweep and vacuum the kitchen floor daily
  • Deep clean your kitchen tiles periodically – both wall tiles and floor
  • Try to avoid stains and smudges caused by spilled food items by cleaning them immediately. This will help avoid stubborn stains in the long run
  • Use a good amount of disinfectant to wipe the tiles with the help of a cloth to avoid germs
  • Let the kitchen walls and floor dry on their own after cleaning to attract less germ-causing bacteria
  • If any spot or stain appears on the tile surface, clean it immediately. Delaying the cleaning process for later will make the stain stubborn to remove
  • Clean kitchen tiles with a wet or dry cloth as per the nature of the stain
  • Don’t let water get stagnant in the wet areas of the kitchen. Keep these areas dry to avoid scaling on the tile surface


To conclude, kitchen floor and wall tiles are available in an array of colors, sizes, and textures. With unlimited options and innovative designs, contemporary kitchen tile designs are going to grow further. However, irrespective of the appeal and worth of your kitchen tiles, they will enhance the beauty and shine of your kitchen only when they are maintained well. Hence, to keep your kitchen space tidy and beautiful like new for years together, follow the cleaning tips properly. Regular cleaning and immediate action on stains and spots can help you manage your kitchen tiles to look new year after year. 

The market is full of several good tile manufacturers offering the best quality kitchen tiles including kitchen backsplash tiles in different geometric and floral patterns. All you need is to do some research and buy tiles that suit your budget as well as your taste.