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How to select the right voltage stabilizer to protect your daily appliances

9 min read - 3rd Apr 2024
how to select stabilizer

A life without the necessary home appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, geyser, water purifier, etc., seems impossible. These are just a few appliances used in our day-to-day lives in almost all households to make life smooth and easy. Although people in the earlier days survived and thrived without these appliances. In the current scenario, we can hardly imagine a home without home appliances.

Since dwelling without these gadgets is almost impossible, it is important to keep them safe to extend their longevity. These devices and appliances require a constant supply of electricity for their smooth functioning. However, with diminishing voltage and power outages in India, it is difficult to keep them in good shape. Extreme levels of voltage fluctuations cause heavy damage to these appliances. To avoid such damage, you need a voltage stabilizer, a device that is used to automatically maintain a constant level of voltage supply to your appliances to make them run smoothly despite power cuts and outages.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is an electrical device that automatically maintains a constant power supply or voltage level. Irrespective of the incoming supply of electricity or input, the voltage stabilizer provides a constant stable output. Overall, the stabilizer protects heavy appliances consuming high amounts of electricity from getting damaged due to fluctuations in power/voltage.

If there is an insufficient supply of power, it may cause voltage fluctuations and power surges. As a result of this diminishing voltage, you may experience poor performance of your appliances. When your appliances receive insufficient or excess power due to fluctuations, they heat up and may stop proper functioning. Hence you require a voltage stabilizer to protect your appliances.

How Do Voltage Stabilizers Work?

The circuit board, an in-built transformer, and an electromagnetic relay of high power are the main components of voltage stabilizers. The in-built transformer of the stabilizer is controlled by the circuit board and it also controls the voltage of the machine with the help of electromagnetic relays. The entire procedure is called the boost and buck function. The stabilizer uses the boost operation when there is a low-voltage output to increase the voltage to the optimal level, while it uses the buck operation to reduce the voltage levels when there is an overvoltage output.

Different voltage stabilizers are crafted to work on the particular appliance that it is designed for. Stabilizers are also classified according to the energy limit of the appliance. Stabilizers with low rates are commonly used for TVs, fans, computers, etc. Similarly, air conditioners, ovens, washing machines, treadmills, and other heavy-duty appliances require stabilizers with high VAT rates.

Top Benefits of Using Voltage Stabilizers at Home

A voltage stabilizer regulates the voltage supplied to your electrical devices at home. Here are some of the key benefits of using a voltage stabilizer for home:

  1. Stabilizer safeguards your electronic items
    In a country like India, where you experience constant power fluctuations and surges, it is usual for your electronic goods including household appliances to get damaged. To protect such items, you need a voltage stabilizer that safeguards your gadgets from sudden power spikes. With a stabilizer, you can expect your appliances to work smoothly and efficiently despite ups and downs in voltage and power cuts.
  2. It enhances the safety of your devices and users
    A voltage stabilizer reduces the risk of appliance damage due to frequent and unexpected power outages, which cause them to overload. Further, it also prevents the circuit breaker from getting overloaded to prevent short circuits and fire. Thus, it helps your appliances to run smoothly at peak efficiency.
  3. It helps save money on utility bills
    A voltage stabilizer prevents your household appliances from getting damaged and hence saves on your utility bills. Stabilizer for home also reduces your power consumption and prevents short circuits and electrocution.
  4. It enhances efficiency
    A voltage stabilizer enhances the efficiency of your appliances by keeping them in optimal condition and cutting down on energy loss. Thus, it extends the lifespan of your appliances.

How to Choose the Right Voltage Stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is a perfect solution to keep your home appliances in good shape at a reasonable cost and is a must-have for your homes. However, buying a stabilizer can be overwhelming especially when you have a wide range to choose from. Hence, it is important to understand the purpose and use of your stabilizer while buying it so that it can serve your purpose appropriately.

While buying a stabilizer you must take into account the power rating of the appliances you are using at home. Depending on the KVA rating and power consumption or wattage requirement of your appliances at home, you can buy a suitable stabilizer to ensure the safety and protection of your appliances and to extend their lifespan.

It is also important to consider the technology used in the stabilizer along with its reliable design to protect the appliances from voltage fluctuations. There is a huge range of digital stabilizers that safeguard your appliances from several power surges and voltage spikes. Further, there are popular stabilizer brands that you may opt for like Luminous, Microtek, V-Guard, Pulstron, etc.

Prominent Features of Stabilizers

Modern voltage stabilizers are generally available with a feature called overload protection that can sense short circuits. This feature helps in turning off the electrical supply to the stabilizer completely, which keeps the appliances damage-proof.

International standards in terms of design, regulating process, excess/low voltage protection, and warranty are other equally important features to look for.

You may also look for stabilizers that come with a digitized feature to allow maximum flexibility and accuracy in terms of the performance of the device. This helps the stabilizer to adapt to different gadgets and appliances so that you can use it for different equipment.

A time delay system is another feature to look for in stabilizers, which is useful in areas that face power cuts for short duration. This feature helps the inbuilt compressor of appliances like ACs or refrigerators to receive enough time to stabilize the flow of current.

An indicator showing the status of power and voltage of a stabilizer is another important feature of Voltage stabilizers. The latest models also come with LED displays to show output and input voltage levels in real-time.

Opt for stabilizers that come with wall mounting supports to avoid the risk of getting them wet when fixed on the ground. Stabilizers should be kept high on the walls away from the reach of children.

Equally important is to look at the stabilizer price and its suitability in terms of your pocket.

Range of Voltage Stabilizers

  • AC Stabilizers – The AC or air conditioner stabilizers regulate the voltage output of ACs to maintain the efficient voltage requirement of the machine. Brands like V Guard stabilizer for AC ensure the safe and smooth running of the machine equipped with its latest technologies.
  • TV and Fridge Stabilizers - Refrigerators and televisions are also prone to damage caused by voltage surges. Hence, you need a voltage stabilizer to protect your refrigerator and for its smooth functioning. A television voltage stabilizer ensures that the voltage surges do not damage your TV, rather it protects it throughout.
  • Stabilizers for Mainline – When the fans, lights, and other electrical devices in your home receive low-voltage, it hampers their performance and lifespan. With mainline stabilizers, it is possible to protect your home as a whole from low-voltage supply and allow them to have uninterrupted mainline power.

Some Quick Tips

  • Check the input voltage range of your house
  • Match your home input voltage range to that of the voltage range of the perspective stabilizer you are planning to buy
  • Look for stabilizers with surge protection and spike guard
  • Look for a time-delay feature in stabilizers that permits a time-lapse to safeguard the compressors of heavy appliances like ACs, refrigerators, etc.
  • Buy stabilizers with LED indicators to read the input and output voltage easily


Each of your home appliances comes with unique features and has different electricity requirements. Similarly, they also have different energy limits and voltage ranges. Hence, make sure to choose voltage stabilizers of specific kinds to fulfill the energy requirements of the appliances. Without stabilizers, the lifespan of your home appliances might suffer.