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Top 10 Trending Bathroom Tile Designs of 2024

6 min read - 7th May 2024
trending bathroom tiles designs

Tiles are an important element of every home décor without which you cannot imagine the aesthetic beauty and durability of your house. Tiles are used in floors, walls, countertops, parking, garden, and garage of your home. Tile trends keep changing. As per the trend, you may opt for different varieties of tiles like natural stone, mosaic, ceramic, glass, granite, porcelain, marble, and more. Similarly, the style, pattern, material, and other aspects of tiles also keep changing with the current trends. 

In this post, let us take a look at the top 10 trending bathroom tile designs to suit your modern bathroom looks:

Top 10 trending bathroom tile designs, 2024

From being boring, monotonous designs, bathrooms have come a long way to become modern exquisite beauties. Tiles have been a major contributor to the upliftment of bathroom designs. They have helped in making the modern bathrooms stylish and elegant along with making them more functional. Let us take a look at some of the most popular bathroom tile designs that are trending currently. 

  1. Bathroom tile with matte finish – Many people prefer matte finish tiles for their bathrooms. This trend is gaining momentum in the present time and is trending in the top charts of bathroom designs. The matte finish tiles are mostly preferred for their sleek and contemporary looks. The matte finish tiles are non-slip bathroom floor tiles. They are less slippery even when they are wet and that makes them practical to use in your bathrooms.   
  2. Use natural stones for richness and warmth – Investing in natural stone bathroom tiles is a worthy investment due to their practicality, durability, and design. If you want to upgrade the look of your bathroom or give it a makeover, try the premium range of natural stone tiles at attractive prices.
  3. Bathroom tiles in bald accent colors – Accent tiles are beautiful versatile tiles made of durable materials. These tiles can easily fit into any space of your house. These bathroom wall tiles have a decorative element that goes singly or in combination with other tiles to generate contrasting visual appeal.
  4. Impressive neutral color bathroom tiles – Gray, beige, and white are some neutral colors. They serve perfectly for your bathroom tiles. These are among the best bathroom floor tiles that give the impression of a serene and minimalist look to your bathroom space. 
  5. Bathroom tile designs in geometric patterns - 2024 has seen a huge comeback in geometric pattern tiles with varied shapes like diamonds, triangles, etc. These tiles are in trend again. These new designs add a glam effect to your bathroom with a sophisticated touch. These styles will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. 
  6. Use marble tiles to add a contemporary feel – Another latest trend in bathroom tiles in 2024 is using marble tiles to enhance the contemporary look of your bathroom. Marble tiles have a classy effect on your bathroom and make them come alive by enhancing their attraction.
  7. Tiles for bathroom in wooden look - This year, the trend of wood-lookalike tiles is back. These tiles offer warmth and the natural appeal of wood. However, they are comparatively more durable and water-resistant making them long-lasting.
  8. Elevate bathroom style with large tiles - Another trending tile design in vogue in 2024 is large-format tiles. The best quality of these tiles is that they can make small bathrooms appear large. These tiles have fewer grout lines which make them easier to clean.    
  9. Use textured tiles to enhance the subtle look - We know that textured tiles add depth to bathrooms. Because of their look and understated designs, most people currently prefer textured tiles in neutral colors to create a stylish yet subtle look on the walls and bathroom floor tile designs.    
  10. Go for tile designs to give a wallpaper impression – Several wallpaper design tiles are available to give you an impression of wallpaper in your bathroom. You may choose any such impressive designs that match your budget.

As discussed, the most important part of renovating a bathroom is to pick the tiles. Depending on your taste and budget, you can pick the best bathroom tiles to give your bathroom a refreshing look. Here, you have the option to choose something very unique to make an impact or to go for a subtle alternative. Options are limitless and choosing the best one can spruce up the entire look of your bathroom.


When it comes to bathroom tiles, there are a lot of options. Finding the best tiles for your bathroom would mean looking for tiles that meet your practical needs and reflect your unique style. You can choose the most suitable tile options to meet your needs and lifestyle considering the above trends.

Tiles can be cleaned easily and are also easy to maintain. There are unlimited options in terms of style and creative designs to opt for. Picking bathroom wall tile designs in India that align with your tastes and preferences will never let your bathroom style go out of trend.  

It may be challenging to choose bathroom tiles from the huge range of tiles with impressive designs and enhanced quality. However, you may buy the best ones as per the price of bathroom tiles to suit your budget.