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Vitrified Tiles: The Perfect Solution for Modern Living Spaces

5 min read - 7th May 2024
vitrified tiles for living spaces

Vitrified tiles have been revolutionizing the tile space lately with their scintillating effect. They are considered a timeless option in terms of reinventing and redesigning the home and living spaces. Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles produced through a complicated production process to make them smooth and shiny for a glass-like shine. Vitrified tiles are a great combination of resilience and elegance. These tiles have resistance to stains and scuffs. Hence, they easily suit busy traffic spaces including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, as well as outdoor spaces. 

The vitrified tiles are available in diverse textures. They offer matte, glossy, and rustic finishes.  Thus, they can easily cater to uplift and maintain any kind of aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these tiles can replicate and give the effect of natural wood, marble, or stone. Overall, these tiles provide a sophisticated and well-appointed look to your house. Moreover, being stain-resistant, they keep your house free from spots and stains. They also have a double texture to suit heavy traffic areas.       

How Vitrified Tiles Is the Perfect Solution for Modern Living Spaces?

Here are some creative ideas on how vitrified tiles can elevate different areas of the home both indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a look:

  • Use vitrified tiles in the living room - Using large glossy vitrified tiles can help create a contemporary look. These tiles are available in beige, grey, and other neutral shades. To create a cozy ambiance, add character and warmth to wood-textured vitrified tiles to get the perfect appeal.
  • Install vitrified tiles in the kitchen – Vitrified tiles are also suitable for your kitchen areas. You can opt for matte-finish vitrified tiles to upgrade your kitchen design. These tiles are available in earthy tones that complement the contemporary look of your kitchen designs. If you want a vibrant backsplash, you can use patterned vitrified tiles that create visual interest and personality.
  • Beautify your bathroom with vitrified tiles – If you want a gorgeous bathroom experience use light-hued marble-textured vitrified tile flooring for your bathroom. In addition, you can use mosaic vitrified tiles in the shower area to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.
  • Use vitrified tiles in outdoor spaces – Vitrified tiles are easily used on outdoor spaces like walkways, patios, terraces, and decks. Hence, these tiles are highly recommended for external usage. The durability and sturdiness of these tiles make them suitable for outdoor application. Moreover, these tiles can retain color easily and have low water absorption properties to make them most suitable for your outdoor areas.  

Vitrified tiles can be used in different ways and they are highly superior in terms of durability and robustness. Let us take a look at the qualities that make vitrified tiles so robust and good for most applications. Here are some of the different qualities of vitrified tiles mentioned below:

Features of Vitrified tiles that distinguish them from others

  • Durable – As mentioned above, vitrified tiles are highly-strong and durable. Hence, these tiles can easily withstand small scratches, stains, and cracks. These tiles offer clean living spaces that stay unspoiled for years. You hardly need any maintenance for these vitrified tiles. 
  • Versatile – The color scheme and designs of vitrified tiles are wide. These tiles are available in different surface materials. Vitrified tiles are such that they suit almost everyone for every purpose. They are available in contemporary, classic, and sleek designs. You can pick the preferred design as per your exact needs, budget as well as your preference.
  • Low Maintenance – Vitrified tiles help you avoid extensive maintenance and related charges. Being low-maintenance and easy-to-clean tiles, the vitrified tiles serve perfectly for most solutions for your interior and exterior needs. Moreover, vitrified tile prices are such that they can easily fit your budget as they are affordable. 


As discussed, vitrified tiles are available in different types and at different prices. You can buy full-body, glazed, polished glazed, or Double-charge vitrified tiles as per your requirement. The prices of different tiles might differ depending on the purpose you are using them for. For example, the vitrified tile flooring price may fall between Rs. 30 to Rs. 80 per square foot depending on the size and other variations. 

Vitrified tiles are glamorous and surely entice many people to use them in their houses to elevate their interior decoration and outside spaces. They offer grace, flexibility, style, and durability everything within them.  This makes them the best choice for people willing to renovate their houses and transform them into elegant and stylish dwellings. At a time when everything is fast changing including tiles ideas and trends, vitrified tiles are standing tall with their timeless and classic designs.  

If you are planning to install vitrified tiles for your home – interior or exterior – usage, you may plan accordingly and choose carefully the vitrified tiles that will suit your requirements as per quality, style and vitrified tile material.