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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home with Switches and Sockets for New Look & Safety

9 min read - 4th Apr 2024


Electrical switches and sockets may seem like trivial items when it comes to home décor. But these small details go a long way to enhance the overall appeal and aesthetic of your home. Well, you do have the option to use standard switches and sockets for your home but upgrading your choice to stylish and functional products that match the overall look of your home will give you an upper hand in enhancing your home décor. Moreover, it also aids in making your home energy-efficient.

So, what are the ways to upgrade the sockets and electrical switches of your home? In this post, we will explore some creative ways in which you can boost the overall beauty of your home by upgrading the seemingly insignificant home décor items like light switches and sockets.

Sockets and light switches for home are among the most affordable home improvement items that add elegance to a room without making a hole in your pocket. Let us look at the top ten ways to use sockets and wall switches to embellish your home.

Top 10 ways to use sockets and wall switches to embellish your home

  1. Select wall sockets and switches to reflect the overall style of your house
    Sockets and switches may seem like minute electrical items but they play an important role like other electrical appliances and products. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles and you can choose your preferred items to reflect your personality or the overall style of a room. Considering that there are several kinds of electrical sockets and switches to choose from, it is easy to find the one that matches your needs. You can opt for traditional or contemporary designs in unique colors and sizes to reflect your personality.
    Several contemporary designs of switches are available these days like smart wall switches which are controlled through smartwatches, switches that have a built-in timer attached, and more. Further, there are electrical wall switches that even glow in the dark. Irrespective of the wall switch you choose; you must ensure the compatibility of the switches with light fixtures. Also, make sure to read through the specifications of the switches and sockets before making the purchases.
  2. Use simple and elegant metallic light switches to upgrade the appeal of your house
    People generally consider the utility of light switches and sockets while buying them for home. Along with utility, aesthetics is also important to add a touch of elegance to your home décor. In this regard, the metallic flat lights are extremely functional and easy to handle. They are simple yet stunning and can be used to match the overall decoration of your house to elevate its settings. They are sleek and loaded with superior features and improved functionalities. They match wonderfully with concrete walls and floorings.
  3. Go for motion sensor switches over the standard ones
    There are certain advantages of using motion sensor switches over the standard ones. You may consider using them to keep your sockets and walls clean and germ-free. These switches can be operated without touching which keeps them dirt-free, especially in areas like washrooms. They also save energy as you can set a timer on them which activates when there is no movement for a set time duration. So, if you happen to leave the lights on unknowingly, they will automatically be off after a few minutes. This way, you can save energy and your electricity bill. But before opting for motion sensor switches, make sure to check the compatibility of your current lighting setup with the motion sensor you want to use.
  4. Pick remote-control sockets and wi-fi smart plugs
    Remote control sockets and wi-fi smart plugs are other options for modern replacements of electric switches and sockets. These are useful solutions in the present times and are handy alternatives for switching the lights on and off with ease. Different models of electrical switches and sockets have different capabilities in terms of range and you must choose the one that suits your exact requirement.
  5. Let the switches and sockets add personality and color to your walls
    Adding personality and color to your sockets and switches means choosing your favorite color and style that matches your personality. You may add vibrant colors as per your preference to add an element of excitement. It not only beautifies the overall décor but showcases your creativity as well. Choose designs that you would love to see on your walls daily.
  6. Place the sockets and switches in creative locations at home
    Placing sockets and switches in different locations on your walls can also add to their glamour and give them a unique look. For instance, you can place them behind the furniture to make them less visible or to create a rationalized look. Or you can place them at a small distance above the floor (ground), or about eye level to attract attention. Moreover, you can use different kinds of switches for different looks. For example, toggle and rocker switches are used for contemporary and modern looks, respectively.
  7. Purchase decorative switchboards to add glamour to the plain walls
    By placing decorative sockets and switches in your plain-looking walls, you can add a touch of glamour to them. Several reputed brands are offering decorative switchboards as well as sockets and switches online and offline that you can purchase to add a glamorous touch to the plain-looking walls.
  8. Use combination styles for an extensive look
    Combining different types of switches and sockets may allow your room an eclectic look. You may use decorative covers for your electrical sockets to give them a finished appearance. Place them appropriately and combine different stylish elements for the best looks.
  9. Match electric plug sockets and switches to your furniture color
    If you are newly constructing your home and are looking for sockets and switches to match its general décor, you can buy the ones matching your furniture and other accessories. You may also match these electrical items as per the theme of the room to fit your style quotient.
  10. Finally, keep it minimalist, simple, and cost-effective
    Last but not the least keep your sockets and switches minimalist and simple while upgrading them. Along with considering style and other related variables, you also need to consider socket and switch prices. It is better not to indulge in or be tempted to splurge on luxury and fancy items if you are on a budget. Rather, keep it simple and practical.

Let us consider below some smart tips for using sockets and switches efficiently.

Smart tips for using sockets and switches

  • Upgrade to temper-resistant plugs that come with a built-in safety mechanism to help prevent electricity from powering things that it shouldn’t power when it sticks into the receptacle.
  • Go for USB plugs that allow you to use four devices at the same time. You can use them as temporary charging stations and also keep them out of reach of children
  • Opt for screwless faceplates for an upgraded look of your room. They come in two pieces. You have to screw the first piece to your wall and cover it with a screwless piece onto it to enhance its beauty
  • Pick branded and stylish dimmer light switches
  • Consider installing desktop plugins that require no wiring and can be installed by drilling a corner of a desk

To conclude

Wall switch sockets may seem trivial things but they are essential elements that contribute to the beauty of a room. These small details control the lights in your house and help you plug in and use home appliances with ease. In the light of contemporary technologies, switches and sockets are also used as part of a home automation system and are controlled using a smart switch, which can be connected to your smartphone for easy control. This way, you can save both money and energy and make it convenient.

Several reputed brands offer the best switches in India that are not just affordable but accessible too. While replacing or adding new sockets and switches in your house, you must consider every aspect well including the décor of the house and the modular switch prices to suit your budget. First consider the basic features of the switches and sockets to meet your needs. Once you get the right features, select the right brand offering superior quality items to ensure safety, beauty, and functionality of the electrical switches and sockets.