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From Floors to Walls: The Many Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home

7 min read - 1st May 2024
different ways to use tile in home

The common perception of tiles for homes is that they are used primarily for floors and walls. However, tiles are omnipresent and the possibilities of their usage are extensive. They are used in walls, floors, table tops, stairways, fireplaces, ceilings, and more. It is interesting to see the amazing creative use of these humble tiles in different ways in your homes and commercial spaces. Tiles not only elevate the style of your home by giving it an elegant touch, but they also enhance the durability of a space. Tiling your home spaces to replace the usual materials makes them stand out gracefully. 

In this post, let us take a look at some creative ways to use tiles at your home:

8 Creative ways to use tiles at your home

  1. Tiles to demarcate spaces in a room
    Tiles are used to demarcate spaces, especially in open kitchen areas. Often, many modern homes combine spaces like the kitchen with a living room or any other room of the house. Here, the demarcation created by tiles allows better transparency to indicate separate areas.       
  2. Tiles used as furniture
    Yes, it is true tiles have elevated to a status where they are being used as furniture tops, especially on the surface of your indoor and outdoor tables. Besides, they can also be used in your kitchen and washbasin countertops. Converting home furniture into tiles can make it economical in the long run as it will last a lifetime. Moreover, it will also eliminate any cleaning hacks.   
  3. Tiles to elevate the look of your bed
    You may be using tiles for floors and to beautify your bedroom walls. How about using them to elevate the beauty of your bed? Yes, tiles are now being used to create appealing headboards for beds to enliven their looks entirely. This also lowers the costs of creating wooden headboards for your beds and elevates the appeal of your bedroom to the next level. 
  4. Tiles in the stairways
    Modern homes have also started using tiles in areas like staircases. You may use tiles to upgrade the appeal of your stairs both indoors and outdoors. There is a wide scope to use tiles to make your boring staircase look appealing. Unlike earlier, when people used traditional ways like carpets to decorate stairs, tiles have become the new trend to boost the appeal of stairs these days.
  5. Tiles used as frames 
    Tiles can also be used like a frame to highlight a specific item of interest like a mirror in the bathroom or an artwork in the living room wall and so on. You can use tiles to create vanity space on your bathroom wall to make it stand out.  
  6. Tiles used as exquisite works of art
    You can create exquisite art pieces with tiles to add glamour to your bedroom or living room walls. Moroccan tiles are best with their stunning patterns for making masterpieces of art. 
  7. Tiles to decorate your kitchen island
    Kitchen islands, which are part of large modern kitchens can be made using tiles. Ceramic tiles are best suitable for this purpose as they make the surface of the kitchen island stand out. 
  8. Tiles to develop an indoor garden
    If you want to dedicate a corner of your house to create a garden, you can use tile designs to decorate an indoor garden area to give it a green touch. You may use your balcony, terrace, or even your living room to convert it into a tiny garden space.   

Here are some other innovative uses of tiles in your home: 

  • Use tiles in the home entrance for visual impact
    You can use tiles in the entryway to create a creative visual impact in your house. The entrance is an ideal place to have a style statement with designer tiles to give it a unique and welcoming appeal. You may use an eye-catching combination of black and white tiles or a traditional color scheme as per your choice. 
  • Use tiles in the bar lounge for a striking appeal
    Using tiles in the bar enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is the place where you can relax in the evening or catch up with friends over a drink. Using metallic or bold designs can add to the appeal of this area. 
  • Use tiles to convert your working space at home into an exquisite corner
    With more and more people working from home or working in hybrid modes, employees are spending more time at home. When you work from home, it is important to create an atmosphere that allows you to concentrate and work efficiently.  Hence, converting a corner of your home space into your workstation allows you to dedicate time efficiently to work. You can use creative tile designs to create your working space at home. 
  • Use tiles to elevate your fireplace design 
    The fireplace is the center of attraction in the living room to drive attention. Hence, the décor of the fireplace is important to make it aesthetically perfect. Monochromatic designs may go well here. However, the furniture around the fireplace should be kept simple to highlight the tiled area.   
  • Use tiles to brighten up the dull laundry area 
    In most modern houses, there is a specific laundry area that is used to wash, dry, and arrange laundry.  This is another good space to play with your designer tiles to give a different flavor. You can pick neutral or bold shades to give this space a unique décor.


When it comes to using tiles for home décor, the sky is the limit. All you need is to use your creativity to use tiles in a variety of ways to refurbish your home. Tiles can be used everywhere both within and outside your home to revamp the look of your house completely. You should consider the best tiles to suit the purpose in terms of space and usage to get the best impact. Considering the tile price is also important in this regard to get the best tiles at good prices. You can buy tiles online and offline depending on your requirements. Online buying may allow you some additional discounts.