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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

8 min read - 13th May 2024

how to choose bathroom tiles

Can you imagine your bathroom without tiles? Well, no one can certainly imagine constructing a bathroom without tiles anymore. A bathroom without tiles is like a house without a roof! Yes, that’s the comparison we can assume when it comes to bathroom tiles.  Since they originated decades back, bathroom tiles have evolved in different ways. It was during the 20th century that bathroom tiles gained huge momentum and the trend of using white subway tiles became popular worldwide. Over the years, many experiments have been done on bathroom tiles in terms of their colors, patterns, sizes, and materials used. Such experiments that are still on can be seen in the new emerging tile design ideas for bathrooms and other spaces of your home. 

The shift in the trend of bathroom tiles has been transforming from classic patterns to contemporary designs, vibrant textures, colors, and large format tiles to name a few. Overall, you would be amazed to see the kind of innovations that tiles in general and bathroom tiles in particular have gone through worldwide. Irrespective of changing trends and evolving designs, bathroom tiles have successfully appealed to and made their need felt in modern households. Today, you will hardly find a modern bathroom without tiles. Hence proves the significance of bathroom tiles in the modern era. Since bathroom tile design plays such an integral role in your household, choosing them requires consideration.    

In this post, we will guide you to select the right bathroom tiles for your home to elevate its appeal and functionality.  Let us take a look at the step-by-step guide to choosing the right bathroom tiles for your home.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles? – Stepwise Guide

Four basic things need to be considered before you start your bathroom tiles buying journey. The color of tiles, design of tiles, size, and quality of tiles. These are the key parameters to consider among others. Let’s understand them one by one:

  • Selecting a Design – This is the first important point since bathroom floor tile design is the key to elevating the style of your bathroom. You would like to choose a design that pleases the eyes. Hence, despite the best quality, the design of the tiles for both walls and floor tiles is something you cannot compromise on. Setting the bathroom tile design to complement the overall décor of your home gives you the option to set the mood of the space.   
  • Selecting the Right Color - When it comes to choosing the color of your bathroom tiles, there is one important consideration. Tile color should be chosen as per the size of the bathroom. Like, if you have a compact bathroom and wish to give it a larger or spacious look, you may choose light-color tiles to install in your bathroom.  Using light colors in a compact space gives it an airy and open appearance.  Alternatively, darker shades limit the scope of the space to make it appear small. However, you may use darker shades in case your bathroom receives an ample amount of natural light.
  • Picking the Perfect Size – Like in the case of tile colors, the size of tiles also depends on the size of the bathroom. Here again, if your bathroom is compact, you may use large-format tiles with few grout lines. This will give your compact bathroom the impression of an airy and spacious one since large tiles are used to décor small areas to make it look big. Alternatively, if you have a larger-than-life bathroom, you have the option to use both big and small size tiles.  
  • Quality Does Matter – This is the final key consideration for buying the right tiles for your bathroom. With good quality comes ease of maintenance. When you buy quality tiles, you don’t have to compromise on the maintenance of the tiles. Depending on the texture of the tiles, the maintenance varies.  Natural stone bathroom wall tile designs made of marble come with a rough surface and are prone to getting dirty, especially in the crevices. These tiles may require more effort to remove the dirt and are also prone to getting stained. On the other hand, porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles may be easy to clean. So, as per the quality and material of the tile, the maintenance differs. Hence, this is another important aspect to consider. You should ponder on the kind of effort you are ready to invest to maintain and upkeep your bathroom tiles before making the choice.  

Tips to Help you Narrow Down your Bathroom Tile Choices

We already discussed the key aspects to reflect on when buying bathroom tiles for your home. Let us understand other finer points to be considered when narrowing down your choice of bathroom tiles to elevate your home's beauty. 

  • Select the right finish – Each category of tiles has its unique finish that enhances the beauty of the tile. For instance, you can achieve a glossy finish by picking glazed vitrified tiles, whereas you may choose matte finish tiles to achieve a cozy atmosphere with superior grip. 
  • Harmony between color and design of tiles – It is important to create a harmonious blend of color and design of tiles for the theme of your bathroom. You can achieve a spacious feel with lighter shades and for character, you may play with bolder colors. 
  • Impact of layout – The layout of the tiles together with the size significantly influences the bathroom space and its perception. 
  • Let texture do its part – The texture of tiles cannot be left behind when it comes to bathroom tile décor. Texture should be picked keeping in mind safety and the look of the bathroom. For instance, consider tiles that are non-slippery and have low porosity to avoid accidents.
  • Longevity and durability – Pick tiles that are stain and scratch-resistant and have good durability. Bathroom tiles should not easily deteriorate due to wear and tear or heavy foot traffic. So, that should also be considered.       
  • Choose the right material – With a multitude of options available, it can be a tough choice when picking the right material tiles for your bathroom. Always prioritize quality, safety, as well as beauty to make your choice.
  • Yes! Appearance does matter like Quality – This is, of course, an important element that cannot go unnoticed when choosing tiles for your home and bathroom. When you are spending on elevating the strength and beauty of your bathroom, aesthetic beauty should have a role to play. Picking tiles to upgrade aesthetic beauty is a paramount factor.  

Final Words

To choose the right tiles for your bathroom, it is good to consider all the factors mentioned above. However, your preferences and personal favorites do have a huge role to play here. Maintenance is also a vital point to consider as you have to regularly upkeep the tile as per the required maintenance depending on the tile type. Be it bathroom wall tiles or floor, choosing the most appropriate design and material is necessary. And since you have a wide range of bathroom tile designs in India, you can choose from the best options to meet your needs.